AAA Stack

  • Your supplementation Pre, Intra, and Post workout can define your results, all three are covered with the AAA Stack! Pre and post workout nutrition is optimized with ADAload, driving nutrients and carbohydrates into your muscles for insane pumps and endurance. The Legendary Amped-AF preworkout provides explosive energy and focus to push you through the hardest training sessions. ADAbolic completes your workouts with hyper-efficient recovery, and can also be taken pre and intra workout for more extreme muscle gains. Together these 3 combine for a trifecta that will drive results no matter your goals!

    A NO B.S. Formulation, Backed by Science:

    - One3 Enhanced*
    - Restores Muscle Glycogen*
    - Increases Muscle Tone & Hardness*
    - Recovery Time Accelerator*
    - Nutrient Partitioning*
    - Insulin Mimicking*

    Stack Components:
  • How to take the AAA Stack:

    Start with 1/4-1/2 scoop 30-40 minutes pre workout, Amped is very strong so don't combine it with any other stimulants, once you assess your tolerance you can increase to a max of 1 scoop Pre-workout.

    ADAbolic:How to take ADAbolic depends on your weight, and your goals. For max muscle gains take it pre/intra/and post. For fat loss take it immediately post workout. If you are looking to add muscle while leaning out take it intra workout, and immediately post.

    • 100lbs-150lbs: 1-1.5 scoops per training day
    • 150lbs-200lbs: 1-2 scoops per training day
    • 200lbs-250lbs: 1-2.5 scoops per training day
    • 250lbs plus: 1-3 scoops per training day

    Start by taking 1 capsule with a meal that has a minimum of 50g of carbohydrates up to 2 times daily. Once tolerance is assessed you can take 2 capsules with 100g of carbohydrates. ADA-Load must be taken with meals that contain carbohydrates. You can take it with your pre-workout and post-workout meals for maximum absorption and nutrient partitioning!

  • For more FAQ's, check out each product's individual page under "Stack Components"

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