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Hear what Steel Supplement customers are saying about the product!

"Just wanna give a huge thanks to the steel family. Not only have you all restored my passion for working out but I haven't felt this good in a couple of years now. I did nothing but stress about life the last couple of years, trying to support a family of 3 and paying 90% of the bills off one income took a toll on me mentally and physically. I lost all motivation in the gym, started eating bullshit and skipping workouts because I had no longer seen the vision of why I started. I got married last July and I was being extremely hard on myself and I was weighing in at 140, come Christmas time I had dropped as low as 123 and I hadn't weighed in that low in 3 years. I kept seeing ads for steel, steel this, steel that, blah blah blah. I came across an ad one day for the Hard-AF bundle, I ordered it. I received my shirt and the samples that came along with it, took the amped and felt amazing so I decided to check out the Andros and every other single product on y'all a site, literally every product I kept reading all the positive reviews and said fuck it and decided to try the ultimate mass stack with the charged and ada-bolic. I've now been on Andros for 4 weeks and I've put on 13lbs of lean muscle. I made a side by side comparison from Christmas to February (no steel), and then from February to April and my self-esteem has grown stronger than it was before, I've been happier, I've been a better father and husband as well. I've brought my goals back into sight, I'll soon start classes/training through NASM to become a certified trainer and hopefully own my own gym within the next 5 years.

I'm not saying these products are God's gift but it sure has seemed that way to me. Thanks for making some bomb ass products! I'm a customer for as long as God knows.

I'll continue to spread the word around town 🤘🏻"

-Kyle McIntosh