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Alpha Omega Stack

T-Boosted Muscle Builder, Fat Loss, Pump & Deep Sleep Recovery

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  • The stack to end all stacks. The Alpha. The Omega. STEEL'S most comprehensive stack ever, created to take you from a mortal and transform you into a gym GOD. We have combined 5 of our best products to give you around the clock benefits from your training to your sleep and everything in between. 1-Andro and Alpha to increase lean muscle mass while dramatically improving strength and power while decreasing E levels. Shredded-AF, the premier all in one fat burner to blast away body fat and provide insane energy. ADAbolic, our capstone pre/intra/post workout formula for muscle gains, endurance, and elite recovery. Rested-AF, which allows you to fall asleep faster, increase recovery, and require less sleep because the quality of your sleep is drastically improved.

    Read the Science behind ADAbolic, ALPHA-AF, and RESTED-AF by Dr. Paul Henning

    Backed by Science to Optimize:

    • Fat-Mobilizing Thermogenic*

    • Lean Muscle Mass*

    • Restores Muscle Glycogen*

    • Maintain Anabolic Environment*

    • Deeper More Restful Sleep*

    • Boost Natural T*

    Stack Components:

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