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Arete Stack

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  • ARETÉ (’αρετη) - the pursuit of maximal potential, of excellence, of pursuit in the highest degree.

    If you surveyed 100 men and asked them their health goals, you would get 100 responses saying “less fat and more muscle”. Easier said than done. Building quality muscle and losing excess body fat requires the right nutrition, exercise regimen, recovery, and most importantly consistency. To help make things a little easier and more effective, we have stacked our most potent thermogenic fat burner with the leading natural test enhancement formulation to bring you the Arete Stack.

    This stack is designed to maximize your body’s thermogenic & lipolytic capabilities, while naturally enhancing your endocrine performance to ideal levels for muscle growth and athletic performance. Shredded-AF & Alpha-AF combine to optimize your health parameters to bring you closer to your goals. 

    Shredded-AF: Shredded excels in increasing lipolytic activity (meaning more stored fat being used for energy), enhancing thermogenesis, high levels of steady energy, and managing appetite. Decreasing levels of stored body fat will help you push your workouts further, and allow your hard-earned muscle to appear more pronounced.

     Alpha ramps up natural T production, while controlling estrogen levels to grant you the highest levels of competitiveness, libido, muscle gain, and even primes your body for fat-loss. Hormonal optimization is key for men who are attempting to make significant changes in their athletic performance and body composition.

    The Arete Stack is a straightforward combination that produces potent results.

    One last thing to touch on: high quality sleep, which will further speed muscle recovery, hormonal optimization, and fat mobilization. Sleep is where your efforts are manifested, and your effort in the gym and kitchen go further with an excellent foundation of rest. Add Rested-AF to this stack for round-the-clock progress. Sleep, diet, and exercise are all important to achieving the results you want, and these three together give you that supplemental foundation to help you get there.

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