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7 Day Weighted Home Workout p

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As water carves a canyon it must be grinding, methodical, consistent, and relentless. With the gyms closed nationwide, so must you! STEEL is committed to maintaining and improving your health and gains throughout this period of isolation, and we are bringing you Home Weights That Work to provide a greater challenge, for even greater results.

This 7 Day Home Resistance Split is a full-body system designed to add much-needed resistance to your at-home training, all with easily attainable objects you may already have at home (No TP or Clorox wipes needed). All that you need is some water, a backpack/duffel bag, and a little creativity to drive muscle growth!

Each exercise has a photo and video accompaniment to guide you through your splits, and additional options to increase the difficulty if needed.


This Home Weights That Work Resistance Training Guide Includes:
  • Chest Routine
  • Back Routine
  • Leg Routine
  • Calf Routine
  • Shoulder Routine
  • Arm Routine
  • Ab Routine