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7 Day Body Weight Home Workout

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We exist in trying times, where a worldwide epidemic has rewired the way we have to think about fitness, and health! The Cold Steel once available to us all has been stripped away, leaving the majority of people with just a handful of exercises, and your favorite influencers showing you how to get a full body workout with just (insert home object here).

Enter STEEL's 7 Day Home Workout Split, full of exercises that you may have never thought of for results you didn’t think were possible. With exercises curated and created by the STEEL team, each split was crafted with the intention to maintain and grow muscle mass throughout the quarantine, with no equipment needed.

A full step by step guide with video tutorials included, the 7 Day Home Workout Split can be customized and adjusted for your fitness and conditioning level. This makes it perfect for everyone regardless if this is your first workout, or 1000th. The only thing limiting your results is the dedication you have to maximizing every day until the gym’s reopen, so get to work!


This 7 Day Comprehensive  Home Workout Guide Includes:
  • Chest Routine
  • Back Routine
  • Hamstring Routine
  • Calf Routine
  • Shoulder Routine
  • Arm Routine
  • Quad Routine
  • Ab Routine
  • Yoga Routine
  • Cardio Routines