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  • Read the Science behind ONE+ by Dr. Paul Henning

    Optimize your health and wellness with ONE+, a daily multivitamin capsules. ONE+ covers every aspect of essential vitamins and nutrients men and women need to sustain energy, metabolism, and cognitive functions, making sure that you get the most out of your training and daily life.

    ONE+ combines 23 vitamins and minerals to create comprehensive wellness support, reducing stressors and providing your body the resources it needs to function at its maximum.

    ONE+ includes Spectra(R), a groundbreaking blend of ingredients clinically shown to reduce the inflammatory response, reduce nitrosative and oxidative stress, fight free radicals, and promote nitric oxide production.

    For maximum nutrient and immunity support, stack with IMMUNE-AF


    Backed by Science to Help Optimize:

    • Energy*

    • Metabolism*

    • Health & Well-Being*

    • Cognitive & Physical Functions*

  • Vit A 900mcg 100%
    Vit C 90mg 100%
    Vit D 20mcg 100%
    Vit E 15mg 100%
    Vit K2 120mcg 100%
    B1 Thiamin 1.2mg 100%
    B2 Riboflavin 1.3mg 100%
    B3 Niacinamide 16mg 100%
    B5 Pantothenic Acid 5mg 100%
    B6 Pyridoxine 1.7mg 100%
    B9 Folate 400mcg 100%
    B12 Cynacobalomin 2.4mcg 100%
    Biotin 30mcg 100%
    Iodine 150mcg 100%
    Zinc Acetate 11mg 100%
    Selenium 55mcg 100%
    Copper .9mg 100%
    Manganese 2.3mg 100%
    Chromium 35mcg 100%
    Molybdenum 45mcg 100%
    Choline 137.5mg 25%
    Magnesium 50mg
    Calcium 25mg
    SPECTRA® 100mg
ONE+ has a rating of 4.9 stars based on 215 reviews.

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