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October 28, 2019 2 min read

STEEL Supplements coming at you once again dropping knowledge and keeping you up to date on the latest and greatest.

 Today let’s talk about protein powder. 

…and why you may want to consider using protein powders made from plants, even if you’re not vegan. 

It’s no secret athletes need more protein, especially during intense training periods. 

And the truth is if you’re eating enough calories you’re getting enough protein from the food you eat.  

But sometimes we get busy and miss meals. Such is life.

For those moments a delicious, high-quality protein powder is great to fill in the gaps to keep your gains on track and your discipline on point.

For years whey and casein protein powders have been a quick fix for many of us.

And for good reason: they're delicious and easily absorbed by your body for maximum muscle growth. That's why they have been a staple in gyms and kitchen cabinets for decades.

But unfortunately, it comes at a price...

You see, whey protein is made from one of the most common allergy-causing substances known to man - dairy. 

Just how common are dairy allergies? 

It's estimated that more than 65% of the entire human race is lactose intolerant with symptoms ranging from mild discomfort and gas to painful cramps, bubble guts, and diarrhea.  

 You can read all about that here.

...Whoa, not exactly what you want to hear if your goal is to be Shredded-AF is it?

So, if you've ever felt a little bloated or gassy after downing your post-workout shake, rest assured you're not alone.

But it actually might not be that serious….

It could simply mean you're one of the 65% of the 7 billion people on earth affected by lactose intolerance and you may respond better to a plant-based protein instead.

Here are 3 reasons to try a plant-based protein:

  1. Plant-based protein contains fiber and other phytonutrients only found in plants.
  2. It’s a great option for people that are affected by dairy products or are lactose and gluten intolerant. (no bloating or discomfort).
  3. Too much animal protein can lead to a number of health problems including accelerated cancer growth. You can read more about that here and here.

This is something many people never think to test.

But you should because it's so easy. 

If it’s time to re-up on your protein powder you should try Veg-Pro to see how you like it. 

It’s made from brown rice and peas and sweetened with stevia.

We’ve got a few delicious flavors to choose from and they all mix well with everything from coffee to oatmeal to smoothies.

Best part? Veg-Pro is easy on your gut, it's loaded with all the BCAA’s your body needs for repair and recovery, and it won’t spike your insulin or your blood pressure.

We’re pretty sure we've got a flavor you’re going to love, click here to find your favorite and let us know how you like it. 

Also, be on the lookout for more blog posts from STEEL featuring delicious recipes, training tips, and much more. 

In the meantime, keep putting in work.