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March 14, 2022 8 min read

The HIIT training protocol remains a beloved part of many gym enthusiasts today. That's because nothing beats the energy burst, muscle pump, the feeling of your heart fluttering your chest like a caged butterfly, and the tremendous effect it has on your muscles.

The EMOM workouts are a type of  HIIT training that takes your routine to the next level. If you have no idea what this training protocol means or how to make it work for you, we have provided you with everything you need to know.

personal trainer with stopwatch measuring emom of male client exercising outdoors

What is the EMOM Workout?

Although EMOM sounds like a codeword in a military base, it is simply an acronym that means Every Minute On the Minute. The EMOM is a workout protocol you don't see every day, and for a good reason.

The EMOM is not for the faint of heart. It is a challenging protocol that would leave your heart racing and muscles sore.

Dropping the gym jargon, the EMOM is a training protocol where you assign yourself several reps of an exercise to be performed within less than sixty seconds.

The remaining seconds serve as recovery time to give your muscles time to ward off fatigue. The good news is the EMOM provides a short burst of high-intensity exercises and much-needed recovery time. The bad news is everything has to be done in one minute.

EMOM workouts are effective because you practice intensely and rest within the time range.

This gives your workout routine a dynamic structure to scale up the difficulty of your exercises. EMOM workouts are also a splendid way to pace your exercises and keep track of your progress.

Your ability to perform a successful EMOM workout hinges on your ability to complete the reps in the allotted time.

The slower you are, the more rest time you lose and losing rest time is the very thing you want to avoid. Rest is crucial as it gives your muscles time to recover before the next exercise.

EMOM workouts are short and help you to achieve so much in that short range of time. You can personalize your workout as you like as it lets you get creative with the number of exercises you wish to perform, the number of exercises, and the number of reps.

Like the basic HIIT training, the EMOM workout revs your heart and skyrockets your metabolism.

It increases your oxygen intake as your muscles work overdrive and increase your metabolism. EMOM workout might look like a log to handle, but they provide several health benefits that will convince you enough to let EMOMs be part of your routine.

EMOM workouts often include a variety of exercises, from bodyweight to cardio and strength exercises. The exercises are usually easy to perform, so things do not get complicated as you struggle to meet up with time.

The exercises should be so simple that you should complete your rep goals at the 40-45 time mark.

The ideal way to choose exercises for your EMOM workout routine is to choose exercises that work each major muscle group separately. This will enable the muscles not in use to get better rest in time for exercises that engage them.

Essentially, the EMOM workout is a fantastic way to keep fit.

Is The EMOM Workout For Everyone?

The EMOM workout protocol might be a unique training method, but it is definitely not for everyone. For the training method to work, you need to be in good shape first. The EMOM workout requires a high degree of agility, mobility, and stability.

If you haven't always been an active person, you might want to sit the EMOM various.

This training method is unsuitable for people who suffer from weak joints or other joint-related problems or are proud to fatigue. This will turn out to be a big problem as most of the effects of the protocol are in the joints and making your heart race.

If you happen to have breathing problems, you might want to sit this one out or get medical advice before you carry on. EMOM training can be taxing on the lungs because it is an aerobic routine that requires your body to get as much oxygen as it can. It will leave you out of breath.

If you have also been inactive to a large degree, the EMOM workouts should not be on your routine.

EMOM workouts require rapid movement and intense effort with limited time. It requires you to move around a lot with little time to rest in-between. If you have been sedentary for too long or are new to the gym, you will not be able to keep up.

If you lead a sedentary lifestyle, you will find it challenging to get enough rest. This will also slow you down and essentially defeat the concept of the whole routine. Before carrying on with the EMOM routine, you need to ensure that you are in a good state. This will not only help you to reap the benefits of the exercises bug but also ensure that you do not suffer any injury as you do.

Apart from these health constraints, EMOM workouts provide quality exercises that can be performed by anyone who wishes to.

It can be modified to suit your fitness level and goal while providing great benefits.

Benefits of EMOM Workouts 

Like any other routine, EMOM workouts provide lots of benefits. Some of these are:

Time Efficient

In-between running the day’s errands and working, we find that what little time we have needs to be split between the gym and resting. A regular trip to the gym can also be dreary, and you try to navigate what exercises should be performed for the day. Fitting time for a workout into the day can be exhausting, and chances are you do not have enough time to condition your body before bailing fully out to continue with the day’s routine. 

EMOM workouts are a welcome, convenient solution that ensures that every second spent exercising is time well spent.

They are one of the most effective ways to get high-intensity and high-volume training in little time

The workout program provides an urgency so that whatever time is lost, performing sets after sets of one exercise can be used to condition the body. EMOM workouts often last anywhere from 10 minutes upward, depending on how long you want your session to last.


The EMOM workout can be done wherever you like. It doesn't matter if it's at the gym, in the comfort of your home, or while trying to catch up on gym time while on vacation.

EMOM workouts require little to no gym equipment and space, so they can be done wherever you like at any time that you want.

This would reduce the rate at which you miss daily gym time. 


There is no set rule as to what your EMOM workout should look like or consist of. The structure of the EMOM routine can be modified and customized to suit your fitness goals.

EMOM workout exercises can be switched for other preferences so that no two person’s EMOM workouts are the same.

You can choose to add a range of bodyweight exercises, resistance band exercises, and even dumbbell exercises to the list of exercises in your EMOM workout. This would help you achieve your training goal, whether it is muscle tolerance, power, strength, aerobic, or even anaerobic. 

EMOM workouts create a stable environment to shuffle between strength training and cardio if necessary quickly. This helps you target various muscle groups; however you like, and in whatever sequence you want. 

Skill Improvement

EMOM workouts are also ideal for sharpening your skills like speed and agility.

This dynamic exercise allows you to brush up on the trickier parts of fitness. The workout can be adapted for whatever purpose you like as long as you know your goals and the exercises that will help you achieve those goals.

Pace Setting

With EMOM workouts, the ball is entirely in your court. You set the pace and determine how long you want to keep training for.

You can choose to program your workout symmetrically, so you have an equal amount of time for the workout and to rest (30 seconds to complete your reps and 30 seconds to rest) or do it however you like.


What is the best way to push yourself to the limit, if not using exercises with limits? With EMOM workouts, you do not choose to go on extended breaks while you wait out your muscle contraction. That defeats the purpose of the workout. Instead, you have a time constraint that guides your routine, causing you to keep going even if you badly want to and your training. 

EMOM workouts are the ultimate test of strength and endurance.

They are also a great way to track your fitness progress. With EMOM workouts, you can monitor your muscle response, time your muscle fatigue, and measure how well you maintain your pace. 

Stamina Improvement

This is the most apparent benefit of EMOM workouts. Testing your strength and pushing yourself to the limit helps hone your fitness. It will improve your muscle recovery and how well you can withstand strenuous exercises. This will translate to the functional and sports part of your life.

Great Fat-To-Muscle Ratio

EMOM workouts are high-interval and often high-intensity workouts. This provokes the same effects as cardio which gets your heart and lungs pumping. Like  HIIT exercises are great for the heart, EMOM workouts are not too far off.

EMOM workouts help to burn calories and increase your metabolism, which helps to lower body fat percentage.

Your resting metabolism remains high for some time even after your training, causing you to lose weight long after you end your workout routine. 

EMOM workouts burn fat, build lean muscle, and provide a great fat-to-muscle ratio. This improves your physique, causing you to look mean and fit. Considering that EMOM workouts provide full-body conditioning benefits, it is safe to say that they are worth the hype. 

How To Do The EMOM Workout


There are some factors that you need to consider when setting up your EMOM workouts. These factors will determine your ability to successfully complete your routine.

They are:

  • Select an exercise you can complete in less than a minute: You do not want to choose exercises more advanced than your current fitness level. This will not only slow you down but can also open you up to the chances of injuries. When choosing your exercise, select a number of reps that you can sustain throughout the entire workout.
  • Select the types of exercises you want to perform: There is no rule to this. You can combine bodyweight exercises like lunges, crunches, and squats, with weighted exercises like barbell curls, deadlifts, and bench presses. You can even include cardio exercises like jumping jacks. 
  • Choose a suitable number of exercises: While the number of exercises you want to perform is entirely up to you, it is important to note that the more exercises are on your list, the longer your workout will take. 
  • Make modifications: You are your own boss. Make modifications to your EMOM workout as you like. If you think the number of reps of an exercise does not provide adequate time for rest, feel free to lower the number of reps. On the flip side, if the workout begins to feel too easy, feel free to ramp up the intensity by increasing the number of reps in the exercises. 
  • Get your equipment: Make sure your equipment is within reach. You will need a timer, the weighted equipment of your choice if necessary, and a bottle of water. The timer will track your time, and the water is required to keep you hydrated.
  • Rest after your workout: Remember to get enough rest between each exercise and after your workout. Your muscles need all the help they can get to recover fully. To sustain you during your workout, couple your workout with  HYPERADE, the pre-intra-and post workout supplement designed to expedite muscle recovery by reloading lost muscle glycogen and electrolytes. 


EMOM Workouts Are Definitely Worth It

Emom workouts are a great way to combine strength training with cardio exercises. They are fun, challenging, effective and can be modified to suit your taste.

All you need for the perfect EMOM routine are some  bodyweight exercises and weighted exercises adjusted to suit your fitness level. When done regularly, EMOM workouts can tone the body, build lean muscle, build strength, and improve endurance.