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December 16, 2019 1 min read

Whether you’re lifting weights, running, playing basketball or just taking the stairs, proper breathing is the key to life.

And new research shows that training the specific muscles which help you inhale can lead to significant improvements in athletic performance…

…Your ability to breathe deep, calm, and more efficiently will not only give you a better chance at setting new P.R’s during training, but you’ll also have a psychological edge over your competition.

And there is one near-universally accepted standard for weight lifting exercises and that is to exhale on the exertion and inhale during the reset.

And it’s all in your head…

Because it’s easy to do when you’re resting, but the trick is to master it when your mind and body are stressed…because if you can train your mind and learn to control your breathing you can dominate your competition.

But that's not all...

Not only can learning how to breath improve your athletic performance you can also learn specific breathing techniques to help you relax, alleviate stress, and sleep better too.

Just imagine...a 15% improvement in performance just from learning how to breathe...

If you’ve got your breathing dialed in and you're looking to further improve your strength, endurance, and performance click here.