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November 25, 2019 2 min read

Do you feel like you should be progressing faster than you are?

While it’s true plateaus are frustrating, the first place you should look if you feel like you've one is in the mirror because more likely than not it may be self-inflicted and it could be caused by a number of things.

So if that’s where you find yourself right now, take a step back and ask yourself these 5 questions:

1. Am I getting enough sleep?

This is not the first time and certainly won’t be the last we’ll be mentioning sleep because it is the cornerstone for a healthy life.

Lack of sleep leads to all kinds of problems, click here to learn more.

2. Am I eating enough food?

You can’t grow if you don’t eat.

Don’t rely on supplements and protein powder to take the place of real calories and real nutrients from real food.

3. Do I have clear goals?

There is a reason so many successful people talk about goal setting: because it works. Setting a target gives you something tangible to aim at. Start at the end and work backward from there.

For example, if your goal is to lose weight, set a target goal and then figure out what you need to do to get there and be sure to celebrate every win no matter how big or small it may seem.

4. Am I doing the same workout over and over?

Sometimes it’s a complicated issue but it could be more simple than you think.

Changing the pace, weight, duration, or frequency of your workouts could be all you need to do to spark progress again.

5. Am I training too much?

Overtraining is a real thing and can do more harm than good. Intense workouts tax your central nervous system and require more recovery time. If you’re going H.A.M every day in the gym, maybe all you need is a break.

These basic questions can provide a roadmap to help you break through plateaus in training.

If you’re stuck at a plateau, and still can’t figure it out click here.