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January 23, 2023 19 min read

Los Angeles is known for its glamorous lifestyle and is home to some of the best gyms in the world. Whether you're looking for an affordable option or a luxurious fitness experience in Beverly Hills or Hollywood where you can rub shoulders with celebrities, or something more specialized like low-impact exercise, muscle pump, or MMA, there's a gym in L.A. to suit your needs. Here's our list of the 10 Best Gyms in Los Angeles, California.

1. Best Luxury Gym in LA

Equinox West Hollywood

8590 Sunset Blvd, West Hollywood, CA
Equinox West Hollywood is where you go to see, be seen, and work up a sweat.

The Equinox Sunset Boulevard location offers a variety of amenities that make it worth the high membership fees. These health club amenities include access to a full-service spa and salon, a heated outdoor pool and hot tub, a variety of group fitness classes, a yoga studio, and a juice bar.

Equinox offers classes designed and crafted by the most experienced professionals in the field, and the instructors will challenge you and help you to achieve your goals. Get access to a wide range of live and on-demand classes with your Equinox membership. Enjoy the feeling of being in the front row of a class regardless of where you are, and whenever it suits you.

In addition, members also have access to the latest in fitness equipment, a variety of personal training options, and a range of other amenities. Furthermore, Equinox West Hollywood is located in a prime location in West Hollywood, making it a great place to exercise and relax.

2. Best Boutique Gym in LA

Easton Gym Co.

8053 Beverly Blvd., Los Angeles, CA

Hours: Monday–Friday: 5 am – 11 pm, Saturday & Sunday: 7 am – 9 pm

The Easton Gym Company, founded by Harvey Easton in 1938, has been named by Los Angeles Magazine as one of their favorite “Boutique Gyms”. It is a family-owned business that still operates on the same idea of providing a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere for people to pursue their health and fitness goals.

The Easton Gym in Hollywood is a unique LA fitness center that stands out for its high-end amenities and services. Located in the heart of Hollywood, the gym is renowned for its modern, luxurious design and top-notch equipment. The gym also offers a variety of fitness classes and personal training services, as well as a full-service spa and private locker rooms. For those looking to get a workout while in Hollywood, the Easton Gym is the perfect place.

The Easton Gym in Hollywood offers members a variety of amenities, including:

  • State-of-the-art strength training and cardio equipment
  • Group fitness classes, including Yoga, Pilates, and Zumba
  • Rooftop pool and hot tub
  • Full-service spa
  • Personal training and nutrition consulting
  • Fully equipped locker rooms
  • Complimentary Wi-Fi
  • Complimentary towel service
  • On-site café and juice bar
  • On-site boutique with the latest in fitness apparel
  • Free Parking

Gym Membership options

  1. Month to month – Sign up with a friend to qualify for the discounted Buddy rate.

  2. Monthly or Yearly Multi-club pass for access to all Easton Gym locations.

  3. Short Term gym memberships for convenience from a single class, single day, 1 or 2 weeks, 1, 2, 3, or 6-month memberships.

Group Fitness Classes

HIIT – Do you want to get in the best shape of your life? Then give High-Intensity Interval Training with dumbbells and body weight a try!

Just Peachy – Enjoy a fun and energetic workout that targets the glutes to give you a strong and perky backside.

Yoga – Options include Yin-Sync which targets deep connective tissues, Power Flo to mindfully move and strengthen the body, Restore Yoga to release, restore, and rejoice, or active stretch and recovery-based Yoga for athletes.

Functional Fitness class options:

  • Animal Style workouts using controlled isometric holds, body weight, and kettlebells for the perfect mix of strength and flow.

  • Evolve, for a full-body workout with TRX, balancing with BOSU and medicine balls, and high-intensity strength and functional training using kettlebells to help burn calories, improve your physical appearance and gain the benefits of endorphins.

  • Functional Flex for circuit workouts to maximize full-body connection on all planes.

Boxing class options:

  • Hit-Hop combines aerobic training and boxing techniques to the beat of the hottest hip-hop tracks.

  • Hit Like a Girl teaches the fundamentals of boxing to girls while they get a full cardio workout HIIT style.

  • Throwin' Hands in 10 rounds of boxing and strength exercises teaching simple boxing moves with a punching bag, one-on-one mitt work, and strength building with basic dumbbell exercises.

3. Best Gym with a Private Studio

Iron LA

1919 Broadway, Santa Monica, CA

Hours: Monday – Friday 6 am – 9 pm, Saturday & Sunday–7 am – 5 pm

IRON LA, a 9,000 sq ft facility located in the heart of Santa Monica. stands out for its commitment to creating a supportive, inclusive and welcoming environment for everybody. The gym offers a wide range of classes and personalized training plans, as well as specialized programs like IRON Fit, a 12-week program designed to help members reach their fitness goals.

The fully equipped, spacious IRON LA gym also offers a fully equipped outdoor Iron Yard for workouts in the California Sunshine and a variety of amenities, such as a yoga studio, a juice bar, saunas, and more. Lastly, IRON LA has a passionate and knowledgeable staff that is always willing to help to motivate members to reach their goals.

Stand-out Features of IRON LA

1. Private Studio

For those looking for a more exclusive and private experience, the private studio offers the perfect opportunity. This space comes fully equipped with a private bathroom and top-of-the-line Technogym equipment, including SkillMills, Rowers, Skill Bikes, Half Racks, a Cable Machine, Back Extension, Dumbbells, Kettlebells, Exercise Balls, Medicine Balls, Heavy Bags and a Boxing Ring. Whether you are looking to host your own fitness classes, conduct photoshoots or simply train alone, the private studio offers the perfect solution.

2. State-of-the-art Private Recovery Room

Members looking to boost their recovery, reduce soreness and tension, and promote overall well-being can take advantage of the cutting-edge private recovery room. A reliable, full-spectrum infrared sauna creates heat from the inside, providing a range of positive impacts on both the mind and body. For those who are brave enough, the Cold Plunge offers an opportunity to experience the WIM HOFF method, a practice that has various mental and physical benefits. To maximize the benefits, guests can alternate between the sauna and the plunge. Also included is a renovated shower and Jacuzzi with Chromotherapy.

Personal Trainers

IRON LA understands that hiring a personal trainer is more than just having someone to count your reps. It is an investment in your own fitness knowledge. Their trainers are experienced and know how to get you to your goals. They will push you to do your best and be tough on you, but they will also help you along the way and help you grow in the process. With the help of the right trainer, you can do the impossible. Set your goals, and then strive to achieve them.

Membership Options

  1. All Gym Access Membership – Unlimited Open Gym Access, One Free Personal Training Session, IRON Partnership Benefits.

  2. Corporate Membership – Special Corporate Pricing, Unlimited Open Gym Access, One Free Fitness Assessment.

4. Best Personal Training with State-of-the-Art Equipment

The Training Loft

7312 Melrose Avenue, Los Angeles, CA

The Training Loft in Melrose Avenue Los Angeles is one of the best gyms with personalized training, available as private or semi-private training, due to its certified personal trainers and their emphasis on small group classes. Every class is taught by a certified personal trainer, and they focus on individualized instruction and attention to each client’s needs.

Training Loft LA - Image DesignJunction

The Training Loft also provides an array of workout options and classes, from traditional strength and conditioning to Pilates and yoga, to kickboxing and HIIT. With its convenient location, friendly staff, and focus on personalized training, The Training Loft is an ideal choice for anyone looking for a great gym with personalized training.

The Training Loft has built a comprehensive system for personal training in LA from the beginning. The programs are tailored to each person, and they provide meal plans and wellness services, and they guarantee maximum results in just a half hour a day

If your lifestyle makes it difficult to find time to stay in shape, get the body and mental health you want using customized 30-minute workouts that are effective, led by experienced instructors in a private area in the center of Los Angeles.

Stand-out Features at The Training Loft LA

Along with The Training Loft's remarkably efficient workouts that unlock lifelong results, and their state-of-the-art equipment, members also have access to the following Stand-Out Features:

1. Custom Nutrition

Nutrition and detox specialist to help. Fad diets are often too strict and difficult to maintain over time, and it can be hard to know whom to trust for reliable nutritional advice. Customized meal plans will be designed to fit your specific needs, making sure you get the most out of your nutrition for the long haul. With the guidance of LA Nutrition Services, you can eat better, feel better and achieve your goals because the Training Loft specialists will make healthy eating as simple and straightforward as possible.

2. Exclusive Wellness & Recovery Therapies

At The Training Loft, exercise is not the only way to look, feel, and perform at your best. They offer a unique selection of wellness and recovery therapies and services to anyone who desires to get the most out of their health and well-being. Available in 30 and 50-minute sessions.

  • Sports Massage – If you exercise with the same intensity as an athlete, you should also make sure to give your body the recovery it needs. Sports massage focuses on areas of the body that have been overused to quickly regain flexibility and get you back to your workout.

  • Graston – If you have stubborn knots or adhesions, the Training Loft expert clinician will find and treat them so you move better by your next workout or competition.

  • Hypervolt Therapy  An uncomplicated, fast, and pleasant way to lessen muscle aching and stiffness with soothing vibration treatment with Hypervolt Therapy.

All sessions are available in 30- or 50-minute sessions.

Virtual Fitness App – Regardless of how demanding your lifestyle is, you can get the best of Training Loft at your fingertips. Now you can transform your body & your mind at the tap of a button.

5. Best ALL-IN-ONE Gym in LA

BRICK Fitness

7811 Santa Monica Blvd., West Hollywood, CA

BRICK LOS ANGELES is one of the top all-in-one gyms in Los Angeles because it offers an extensive range of specialized training programs and classes for athletes of all levels and abilities.

The gym also has a wide variety of equipment, such as a turf area, climbing wall, and custom-built rigs and platforms.

Additionally, BRICK LOS ANGELES has a knowledgeable and experienced team of trainers and coaches to provide personalized instruction and guidance to help maximize results. Finally, the gym has a strong community atmosphere and provides a supportive environment for members to achieve their fitness goals.

BRICK LA - Image from DesignJunction


Brick Gym in Hollywood offers a variety of classes that involve the following types of exercises:

  • Low-impact such as Yoga, Pilates, and Barre

  • Boxing, Martial Arts, Cardio-kickboxing

  • Strength Training, Circuit Training, Core Training

  • HIIT, Spinning, TRX, Boot Camp,

  • Dance like Zumba, etc.

Members can participate in the following classes:

1. B/FitLot

FitLot combines weight training, bodyweight, and monostructural exercises into a highly intense, full-body, varied workout regime. You’ll see everything from dumbbells and kettlebells to barbells and medicine balls, as well as the Concept2 row machine, the dreaded Air Assault Bike, and jumping rope.

2. Swole Sesh

This high-intensity class focuses on target muscle groups and emphasizes muscle growth. It uses specialized techniques to achieve maximum results in a 30-minute sesh – alternating between different rep sets and supersets while following a tempo-controlled pattern. Prepare to be impressed – and to post some shirtless selfies.

3. CrossFit

A program of strength and conditioning exercises that use varied, functional movements done at a vigorous level. It is a blend of weightlifting, gymnastics, and endurance exercises to maximize overall fitness.

4. B/X

BRICK's “Sweat Fest” is their high-intensity interval training class that mixes energy, sweat, and fun. You'll be working hard, but it will be worth it – you'll be pushing your limits with Concept 2 rowers, Assault Air bikes, kettlebells, dumbbells, and your own body weight. By the end, you'll know that you've given your best.

From the beginner to the advanced athlete, BRICK provides a safe and comfortable environment in which to improve your fitness level. All this, combined with its convenient location and affordable prices, makes BRICK fitness gym in Hollywood an excellent choice for those looking for a comprehensive fitness experience.

6. Best Affordable High-Class Gym in LA

EōS Fitness Downtown Los Angeles

701 W Cesar Estrada Chavez Ave, Los Angeles, CA

Hours: Open 24 Hours a Day 7 Days a Week

At EōS Fitness in Downtown LA, you'll find a place to take your workout routine to the next level. You can take advantage of a range of fitness options, including dumbbells that go up to 150 lbs., advanced equipment, and a wide selection of group classes to keep your workout fun and motivating. With all these amenities, you can work towards your fitness goals with ease.


EōS Fitness provides its members with exceptional fitness experiences at a great cost. The month-by-month plans begin at less than $20 a month and include access to the best exercise equipment. Members enjoy high-quality cardio machines, strength machines, and free weights. There is also the option to upgrade memberships to gain access to additional EōS locations as well as a range of group fitness classes and a swimming pool, hot tub, and sauna.

Group Fitness

If you're looking for a new way to spice up your gym routine, EōS Fitness has the perfect solution for you! They offer a wide variety of group fitness classes tailored to help you reach your goals while simultaneously having a great time. With over 60 classes available at most locations, you can easily find something new to keep your workouts interesting.


Classes last 30 minutes or 60 minutes, and each category has between 10 and 25 different unique classes, as summarized below.

  • Strength & Core – Increase and develop lean muscle with motivating classes that involve weights, barbells, bodyweight exercises, and core exercises to attain a healthy and strong physique.

  • Just Cardio – These heart-pumping cardio classes are high-intensity workouts designed to improve aerobic fitness and burn maximum calories. The key to a healthy, active life is a healthy heart.

  • Strength & Cardio – Be prepared to break a sweat during classes that include intense strength training and rigorous cardio activities designed to boost your overall fitness.

  • Mind, Body & Stretch – Take the time to incorporate different relaxation practices such as meditation and stretching into your routine to promote mental clarity, physical strength, and a sense of serenity. Classes include Yoga, Foam Roller, Pilates, PIYO, and Tai Chi, exclusively and in combinations.

  • Dance Fitness – Get fit while having fun with dance! From hip-hop to hula, these classes offer an enjoyable way to stay active. Dance styles include pop, rock, hip-hop, belly dance, soul clap, Plyojam, Retro Hot Fusion, Charleston, Hula, Zumba, AKA 'dancemania.'

  • Group Cycling – Hop on a bicycle for exercise that will burn calories, reduce fat, and boost your endorphin levels. Energetic music will encourage you to go beyond your limits and push yourself to the max.

  • Water Fitness – Dive into an effective exercise routine that is easy on your body but still provides a workout for your muscles and cardiovascular fitness. Water activities are a great option for all ages and a great way to stay fit without being too hard on your joints. There are several options, such as H2O Zumba, Barre, Yoga, HIIT, Cardio, and more.


Along with already mentioned Group Fitness Classes, Swimming Pool, and Cycle Studios, additional amenities include:

  • Cutting Edge Strength Equipment and powerlifting stations, and free weights up to 150 lbs.

  • Massive Variety of Cardio – Increase your heart rate and stay encouraged by using a variety of cardio machines, including treadmills with separate TVs, ellipticals, stair climbers, rowers, cross trainers, bikes, and more!

  • Turf Yard – Take your functional training to the next level by mixing up your routine with sled pushes and battle ropes. Push yourself to the extreme with box jumps or be inventive on the rig. Whatever your intensity, The EōS Yard® has it all.

  • Serenity Studio – If you need some peace and quiet while exercising, try out the special Serenity Studio at selected gyms, where you can get some personal space for your workout.

  • Certified Personal Trainers – Get hands-on customized assistance in achieving your fitness goals with EōS Certified Personal Trainers.

  • Cardio with TVs – Make your cardio workout even more enjoyable by customizing the viewing screen. You can select from a wide range of entertainment channels and plug in your headphones to really get into it. Enjoy your favorite channel and cardio will be a pleasure.

  • Flite Zone – Running short on time and need a quick workout? Don't know how to use the strength machines? Need to work out your whole body? Seem to be stuck in a fitness pattern and need to change it up? Flite Zone: a 20-minute circuit that focuses on your major muscles is just what you need.

  • Locker Rooms with Showers – Your initial and final destination at EōS will be the spotless and roomy locker rooms for day-use, which come stocked with loads of lockers, as well as individual shower cubicle changing areas.

  • His/Hers Sauna – Sweat toxins away, relax your muscles, and enjoy the exclusive advantages of the sauna with Himalayan salt.

  • Hot Tub - After a strenuous workout, sink into a hot tub and ease your sore muscles with the therapeutic benefits of hot water and targeted water jets.

  • MOVEoS Cinema – You'll have a great time in the MOVEōS Cinema cardio room! Not only will you get a good workout in, but you'll be surrounded by an exciting atmosphere with a big screen, surround sound, and mood lighting.

  • Towel Service – Don't let perspiration hinder your exercise. Take advantage of the EōS Towel Service, which offers an unlimited supply of clean, cozy towels from convenient dispensers.

Considering what they offer for most affordable memberships makes EōS Fitness Downtown Los Angeles stand out from other top-class gyms in LA.

7. Best Bodybuilding Gym in LA

Mendy's Gym

6371 Van Nuys Blvd., Van Nuys, Los Angeles, CA

When you come to Mendy's Gym in the San Fernando Valley, you will be welcomed with warmth and encouragement. This is what sets Mendy's apart from the larger gyms. Here, you become part of the family.

At Mendy's Gym, you can't just come in for a walk-in or a day pass. But, if you schedule a one-on-one consultation, you can get a VIP membership and your own electronic key entry, granting you 24-hour access to your own private gym.

Meal Service

Maintaining youth and vitality is largely dependent on your diet. Wendy's has created YummyFitMeals, a meal prep delivery service, to make sure that your health goals are easy to achieve. With YummyFitMeals, you don't have to worry about the cooking; simply focus on restoring your wellness.

Mendy's Gym LA is packed full of champions from the local, national and global levels. If you're looking for a way to improve your bench press, get fit for a fight or tone up for the summer, their trainers are ready and willing to help you reach your goals.


Mendy's Gym embraces the mindset to build a community dedicated to excellence, led by Master Trainer Scott “Big Mendy” Mendelson, along with his crew of experienced personal trainers.


  • Fighting

  • Conditioning

  • Weightlifting

  • Powerlifting

  • Gymnastics

  • Rehab

MMA – A blend of several martial arts including ground and stand-up work. 

  • Jiu-jitsu

  • Kickboxing

  • Muay Thai

  • Karate

  • Judo

  • Sambo

Screen Fighting 

Learn how to fight on screen from basics to expert and all different styles ranging from western to Hong Kong style.

Arm wrestling

Learn all the skills and techniques to become a great arm wrestler with some of the greatest arm wrestlers in the world.

Mendy's Gym can unlock your full potential and make your bodybuilding dreams a reality!

8. Best Cross Training & MMA Gym in LA

Sparta Academy

11701 Wilshire Blvd, Suite 15B, Los Angeles, CA

Sparta Academy in West Los Angeles is an exceptional gym. A state-of-the-art facility with specialized equipment promotes a distinctive approach to cross-training. The top-notch trainers are devoted to helping you reach your purpose, offering classes in martial arts, MMA, boxing, weightlifting, Krav Maga, speed & agility, and fitness.

The trainers are there to push you to your peak performance and help you realize your ambitions. The class sizes are kept intentionally small to ensure that each student receives the individual attention they need to succeed. The Sparta cross-training system has been successful in helping athletes from all fitness backgrounds reach their goals


Sparta Academy offers an exclusive high-class facility where athletes, fitness enthusiasts, and competitors all train together to master and refine their desired athletic abilities.

The facility offers personal trainers specializing in cross-training, mixed martial arts, and self-defense, to keep the competitive spirit pushing you even further. Sparta boasts a wide variety of fitness equipment; from heavy-duty Eleiko weights, cardio machines, Rogue Monolift, Legend Fitness Power Rack, sparring cage, indoor and outdoor obstacles, dumbbells (5-130lbs), monkey bars, heavy bags, speed and agility hurdles, and, to crown it all, a Cold Tub Icepod for cryotherapy.

Fitness Classes

  • Cross-Training – A unique and dynamic workout in multiple sports including Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Krav Maga, kickboxing, mixed martial arts, and Olympic Weightlifting.

  • Kids martial arts and fitness – Learning to kickbox and Jiu-Jitsu properly can help children gain self-assurance, arm them with the ability to protect themselves, adjust their social activities, give them an advantage in school athletics, and form a lifelong habit of staying physically active.

SPECIAL NEEDS: Sparta Academy can always accommodate kids with special needs as the instructors are trained to work with autistic children and are fluent in American Sign Language.

  • Bootcamp – Workouts focus on intervals of intense exercises mixed with lightweight ones for optimal strength and endurance.

  • Cardio & Endurance – A workout program to keep your fitness level above par.

  • Speed & Agility – Specific exercises targeted to increase strength, flexibility, and mobility, and to develop your fast-twitch muscle potential.

  • Toning & Body Sculpting – Experienced personal trainers will teach you practical tips and strategies to quickly, efficiently, and safely meet your sculpting goals.

  • Team Building – Comprehensive courses and seminars for groups of all sizes focusing on self-defense and an array of fitness techniques.

Martial Arts Classes

Beginners and experienced martial arts athletes can benefit from the following classes presented by experts in the field.

  • MMA

  • Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

  • Krav Maga

  • Muay Thai

  • Kickboxing

  • Boxing

  • Grappling & Wrestling

  • Self-defense

  • Hand-to-hand Combat

Strength Training

  • Power Lifting

  • Olympic lifting for sport

Membership options

Yearly, monthly, and several short-term memberships are available, with a choice of Fitness only with no fighting, Martial arts only, or the all-inclusive Spartan Membership that gives you access to both fitness and martial arts classes. A Kids Martial Arts & Fitness membership is also available.

9. Best Climbing Center in LA

Rockreation Los Angeles

11866 La Grange Ave. Los Angeles, CA

When you first start, Rockreation will set you up for the best experience, based on whether you're an experienced climber or brand new. Rockreation is an inviting environment for climbers of all experience levels, from beginner to expert. They provide comprehensive programs and classes to assist in scaling the walls, whether that means progressing from the ladder to a pro-level of bouldering or just becoming more comfortable around heights.

Climbing Classes

Climbing veterans enjoy Rockreation Climb Time lessons and the challenging Lead Climbing program, which is ideal for even the most devoted climbers. If you are new to the sport or returning after a break, the Fight Gravity classes come in Introductory, Balance (Intermediate), and Efficiency (Advanced) levels. If you would like more personalized instruction, Rockreation provides Private Instruction with one-on-one teaching to ensure you get what you are looking for.

Also Available

Climb for Fun in This Unique Environment.

Climb Time for Kids (Ages 6 to 13)

Have your children been getting restless staying at home? Let them climb walls at Rockreation! With all the necessary equipment and an experienced instructor who will be there to help to guide them every step of the way. No experience is necessary. 5:1 Student: Instructor ratio; (maximum 5 students per class).

Climb Time for Adults

If you've never tried climbing before and don't have a partner, don't worry! This weekend-based group allows up to 5 people to take part in an enjoyable hour of climbing ropes with a knowledgeable instructor. If you're interested in trying out climbing, this is your chance!

Parents and kids can also climb together.

Private Instruction & Coaching

Rockreation provides personal lessons/training for people of any age and ability level. You can take part in a Fight Gravity class on your own, or you can choose a program that is tailored to your specific requirements. Private sessions are a great way to improve your climbing abilities with the help of one of Rockreation's professional instructors in a series of intensive individual classes.

Yoga & Fitness

Rockreation strives to provide its visitors and members with resources to enhance their training and open up new possibilities in terms of physical activities. Additionally, they offer numerous yoga and fitness classes as well as a broad range of strength and fitness equipment.

Other Rockreation Services

Birthday parties: Rockreation offers a fun and unique environment for your kid's party or event. Two Hours of climbing and games with a 5:1 kid-to-instructor ratio.

Team Building: Rockreation is the perfect place for a group activity, whether it's just for fun, to improve team cooperation, or something else.

Rock Warriors: A program that meets weekly and is open to kids aged 6 to 18 who are interested in advancing their rock-climbing skills in a group-oriented, athletic atmosphere and participate in competition climbing.

For over two decades, Rockreation has been instrumental in transforming climbing from an obscure sport to a widely recognized Olympic discipline. They offer a variety of programs to suit everyone, from novices to experienced climbers, and provide all the tools you need to start or continue your journey to the peak.

10. Best Ninja Warrior Gym

American Ninja Warrior Adventure Park

2800 N Main St., Santa Ana, CA

Although this gym is not in LA, it is only a 40-minute drive from downtown Los Angeles, and absolutely worth including in this list of top 10 gyms in LA.

Drawing influence from a well-known television program, this unique adventure park experience is composed of truss obstacles like Monkey Swings, Spider Walls, Tilting Logs, Floating Bridges, and the renowned Warped Wall. It also features a 10,000 sq. ft. inflatable obstacle course. This revolutionary park will merge physical activity and amusement, giving guests the chance to perfect their ninja abilities.

American Ninja Warrior Adventure Park features a café on the first floor, along with a spectators' area, lockers for guests to store their belongings, restrooms, and 4 hours of complimentary parking. The park is fully wheelchair accessible, and the activities are all located on the same level as the viewing area. Kindly note that the facility contains flashing lights and music, so it may not be suitable for people who are sensitive to sensory stimulation or epilepsy.

Beat That Wall

See if you have the skills to be a genuine American Ninja Warrior by trying out the thrilling course based on the TV show! From rookies to experts, there are challenges that everyone can take on and have fun with.

Community Team Builder Programs

Available to Sports Teams, Church Groups, Scouting Groups, Youth Groups, Field Trips, Schools, and Corporate Events.

American Ninja Warrior Parties

Party Rooms accommodate 10 ninjas, and the Party Zone accommodates up to 40 ninjas. Parties are 2 hours total – 60 minutes ninja session and 60 minutes party room.

In addition to the challenges depicted on American Ninja Warrior on TV, this Adventure Park has an expansive inflatable obstacle course where you can race with your family and friends to see who can finish the fastest.

Along with the fun it offers, the adventure course will provide fitness training to enhance your agility, endurance, flexibility, balance and so much more.

Bottom Line

Los Angeles offers a wide variety of gyms for all types of fitness goals and budgets. Whether you prefer a large chain gym, a boutique fitness studio, or an online program, there is a gym in Los Angeles that is sure to meet your needs. With so many great gyms to choose from, you can easily find the perfect place to help you reach your fitness goals. However, it is up to you to ensure you remain hydrated throughout, and sugary sodas are not the best option.