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Alpha-AF Is A Natural Hormonal Optimization Product Designed For Men. There Are Numerous Hormone-Disrupting Variables Men Face Each Day: From Microplastics In Drinking Water And The Food Supply, To Xenoestrogens On Receipts, Even To The Prevalence Of Seed-Oils In 95% Of Packaged Food And Restaurant Kitchens, It Can Be Extremely Challenging For Men To Realize Their Natural Hormonal Potential. When A Man's T Is Interrupted, Or His E Is Not In Sync With T, Physical Performance And Psychological Performance Suffer. It Can Be Harder To Gain Muscle, Lose Weight, Or Even Have The Daily Motivation To Perform Tasks. Alpha-AF Optimizes Natural Hormonal Output, Supporting Ideal T To E Ratios, Allowing For Better Whole-Body Recovery While Increasing Athletic Drive, Libido And Aggressiveness.


In Order To Optimize T, There Are Certain Factors That Need To Be Accounted For: Body Fat Mobilization, Stress Adaptation, Sleep Quality, E Control, And Consistent Saturation Of T Supporting Compounds.
Body Fat Mobilization: One Of The Most Efficient Ways To Spur Body Fat Mobilization Is To Accrue Additional Muscle Tissue. Muscle Tissue Is Highly Energy-Intensive To Preserve, Recover, And Grow. Alpha-AF Can Help Optimize A Man's Ability To Initiate Muscle Growth By Promoting Consistent Athletic Performance, Providing A Muscle-Building Foundation That Can Be Taken Additional Advantage Of By Incorporating A Healthy Diet And Proper Sleep Protocol.


When High Levels Of Stress Are Left Unmanaged, A Stress Hormone Known As Cortisol Can Accumulate In Levels That Make Muscle Recovery And Cognitive Improvements More Difficult. Adaptogenic Compounds Such As Safed Musli Can Initiate Responses In The Body That Allow For The Reduction Of Cortisol At Unwanted Times. Cortisol Is Crucial To Recovery At Lower Amounts, So Complete Elimination Is Unwanted. When Cortisol Is Managed Properly, Serum Levels Of T Have Been Shown To Increase In Men.


Often Misunderstood, E In The Right Amounts Compared To T Is Essential To A Healthy Hormonal Response In Men. E Levels Which Are Too High Or Low Can Lead To Unwanted Shifts In Emotional State, Lower Physical Performance, Decrease In Strength, Adverse Changes In Sense Of Wellbeing, And Flat Muscular Appearance. When E Is Controlled And Kept In A Healthy Reference Range Compared To T Levels, These Effects Can Be Avoided.


Because Your Endocrine System Is A 24 Hour Operation, Consistent Saturation Of Compounds That Support Healthy T Production Are Crucial To Regular Hormonal Outputs. Alpha-AF Is Designed To Provide Higher Plasma Levels Of T, Modulate E Expression, And Promote An Ideal Hormonal Profile Around The Clock