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Essential Stack

Daily Health and Wellness

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  • For you to be healthy your body needs a wide variety of essential vitamins and minerals and a healthy gut to perform at its optimal state. And that’s exactly what our new Essential Stack is designed to do.

    Formulated with ingredients backed by science to:

    • Support healthy immune system function
    • Promote overall health
    • Improve mental clarity and focus

    Here’s what you get:

    One+ with Spectra(R): Our daily multi-vitamin with Spectra, a highly absorbable blend of potent anti-oxidant rich greens, One+ is designed to fill nutritional gaps and provide a solid foundation for optimal health. 

    Vitamin C+ Liposomal: Vitamin C is a powerhouse antioxidant that supports a wide variety of functions including immune system and cardiovascular health. Liposomal encapsulation technology ensures safe transport so that your body absorbs more of it where it’s needed most, at the cellular level.

    Pro+Flora: Your immune system is built in your gut, so a healthy gut and diverse microbiome is crucially important to your overall health. Pro+Flora is a comprehensive probiotic formula with 50 billion live cultures to nourish your gut health and creating thriving ecosystem of friendly gut bacteria to give your body what it needs to remain healthy and strong.

    Created with optimal health as the ultimate goal, The Essential Stack will help take care of the fundamentals so you can hit the ground running each day.

    *Due to the sensitive and highly limited ingredients used in the STEEL products, for customer safety, we do not accept returns as returned items cannot be restocked. Please carefully consider this before your purchase.

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