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February 12, 2022 15 min read

Finding a workout plan that works for you can be a very grueling task. With many workout plans bearing price tags, it might seem almost impossible to find the best workout plan without sparing a dollar or two - or even a hundred.

Free workout plans give you a bang for a buck not spent. These plans allow you to achieve your fitness goals while also helping you save money that would otherwise be paid as a fitness subscription plan. Below, we have provided the ten best free workout plans just for you.

strong fit man planning his crossfit workout on a whiteboard

What Are Workout Plans?

Most times, we sketch out fitness goals without having an actual plan for achieving that goal. What exercises are going to help us meet our goals? What should our nutritional intake consist of? What routines and strategies are great for us? Trying to figure out what strategy for you without the appropriate help can be time-wasting and draining. Given that there are an indefinite amount of exercises and diet plans out there, you might as well spend valuable time experimenting with the wrong types of programs.

But what if you had something or someone to help you figure out what exercises, sets, reps, diet, etcetera are best for you?

This is where workout plans come in. A workout plan helps you to design a fitness program just for you. It simplifies your fitness journey by telling you what to do, when to do it, and how.

It does all these by considering your fitness goals, lifestyle, age, current fitness level and combines all these factors to tailor a balanced routine for you.

If you were to create a workout plan for yourself, every aspect of your lifestyle would come under scrutiny. You might need to make minor and major changes to test the waters before finally figuring out what works for you.

To solve this problem, experts design workout plans to help your fitness goals seem more achievable. 

Workout plans make life easier. They are essential roadmaps with detailed instructions on the steps you need to take to reach your goal. Moreover, workout plans identify with the client and are specifically designed with you in mind.

This saves you from confusion on what to do next. Contrary to popular opinions, workout plans are not only suitable for use in the gym.

There are workout plans that help you take your home workout very seriously. These plans are effective and provide equally good results. Essentially, if you want to achieve your fitness goals faster, you need to arm yourself with a workout plan. You can choose to create, purchase, or use free workout plans provided via websites or apps.

Reasons Why You Need Workout Plans

Making up your mind to become more fit is a magnificent decision that should be applauded. This is undoubtedly the first step to achieving a fitness goal- as long as you have one in mind. Now, what is to save you from simply hopping on the treadmill without a forefront plan and getting little to no results? Workout plans have many benefits.

Below are some benefits of workout plans:

  1. Motivation: Nothing kills motivation more than not having a plan to work with. While being spontaneous might be fun sometimes, it takes the joy out of your exercises. It is easier to get up in the morning and get motivated to begin your exercises because you have them all planned in front of you than having to spend half an hour trying to figure out where to start. This structured plan provides you with something to look forward to.
  2. Saves time: Floating from one exercise to another without knowing what you are doing is one way to waste your time. Workout plans provide a clear structure with durations. Abiding by these instructions and timing helps you put time into your exercises and fit them snugly into a schedule. Planning allows you to make wise use of your time. This enables you to stop working too long until you are fatigued and overexerted or working too short and not getting enough muscle response for any evidence in muscle size or growth.
  3. Track your progress: Workout plans can help you to track your progress. These programs a detailed schedule of all your exercises, including time spent, number of reps, and number of sets. It records every element you invest in your workout in a stipulated period. This helps you to create a simple chart of your measurements. If you need to learn about your progress, you need to look at your workout plan, and you will get all the information you need. The workout plan provides a rhythm that makes it easier to track your progress without any problem.
  4. The right amount of training: Wandering around and testing out different exercises without a plan in mind will introduce you to exercises that are not needed in your routine. It would also help you settle into an unhealthy lifestyle that involves obsessively working within the same cycle of exercises without variety. This can cause you to begin overtraining or undertraining a body part in the long run. Overtraining or undertraining a body part can lead to severe muscle issues, imbalances, injuries, and even mobility problems. Workout plans help you to fix this problem by allowing you to pay attention evenly to all parts of your body without boa. It helps you to get introduced to a variety of exercises and routines to work for the right muscle groups in the right intensity and to the right amount. This spreads your focus and helps you achieve an even body tone and physique.
  5. Prevents burnout: Working out without a great workout plan can leave you feeling stuck. Without the evidence of muscle results due to lousy workout structure, you might begin to lose hope in ever achieving your fitness goals. It is inevitable that in your fitness journey, you will experience moments of doubt and burnout. Workout plans get rid of burnouts as they help you optimally train every part of your body. They allow you to get the most out of your exercises and help you see results faster. As long as you stick to your workout plan diligently, your fitness goal is no doubt going to be a reality.
  6. Sets goals: Workout plans are often set for a duration that ranges from 3 days to 4 weeks or even more. If you began your fitness journey without a goal in mind, workout plans automatically provide you with one urgent goal- to complete the plans. This gives you something to work towards.
  7. Frequent exercise:  Routine exercise is beneficial to all parts of the body system. What better way to get enough exercise than a plan to help you along the way? Workout plans will help you to get enough exercises necessary for the proper functioning of your body and the achieving of your fitness goals. Do this by setting a schedule to remind you to exercise.

 men with personal trainer and tablet pc computer exercising on gym machine

Types of Workout Plans

There are various workout plans for different people to achieve other goals. Most of these workout plans differ in duration, intensity, and the combination of the type of workouts on the plans. Most of all, these workout plans vary in price. All exercises that exist fall under one of four categories.

A good workout plan would often involve all four workout categories to help you exercise across all planes. Combining all four elements would ensure a balanced fitness without being weak in one area and strong in another.

After all, past all the muscles, this is what being fit is all about.

The four categories are endurance, strength, balance, and flexibility. 


Endurance workouts, also known as aerobic workouts, are exercises that raise the heart rate and help the blood to pump faster. In simpler terms, endurance workouts are cardio exercises. As its name implies, endurance exercises help to gauge and increase muscle tolerance. These exercises help to increase the number of contractions that your muscles can tolerate before approaching fatigue.

These exercises are running, swimming, cycling, star jumps, jumping jacks, and the treadmill. Endurance exercises help burn fat, increase metabolic rate, lower blood pressure, and release endorphins that are great for your brain. 


Strength workouts are the most common choice of workouts. Release a man into a gym and he no doubt goes head-first towards the closest weighted equipment.

Barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells, Smith machines, all these are popular equipment used in strength training. However, strength-training exercises also use simple resistance bands and even bodyweight. 

Strength-training workouts are exercises that help to increase muscle strength and build muscle mass.

They are exercises designed to help you get ripped, jacked, shredded, and everything in-between. Some strength-training exercises are weightlifting, bicep curls, bench press, pull-ups, and resistance band exercises. They can be performed by anyone looking to build bigger muscles and a better physique, improve strength, and improve mobility in the joints. Next up are balance exercises.


Balance is essential to daily performance as it is key to athletic performance.

It is needed to perform tasks like standing erect, walking, running, and lifting. Balance exercises are great for the overall health and help increase the precision of limb movement, thereby reducing the risks of injuries. Balance exercises are not as common as their other predecessors. Some of the balance exercises include Pilates, yoga, and martial arts.

These activities are great for improving stability, improving posture, increasing agility, and improving speed and reflex reactions.


Flexibility is necessary for proper mobility for regular daily activities and in the gym.

Flexibility makes it possible to carry out simple actions like lifting weights or running. Flexibility is also a key player in helping you to avoid injuries. 

Many of these exercises help increase the liability and flexibility of your muscles don't in the form of stretches. Stretches might not look like much, but they help to strike a balance and complete the ideal type of exercises that belong in your workout group. Examples of flexibility exercises include Yoga, resistance and stretches, and Pilates.

These activities help avoid joint and muscle pains, improve posture, and increase your range of motion. 

Together, these workouts help to create the ultimate workout plan. Your plan might vary in exercise combinations and intensity, depending on your current fitness level and the goal you wish to achieve. There are several days to choose a workout plan. You might decide to make it up yourself. This would require that you have intimate knowledge about most exercises, know how to vary and mix these exercises to suit your goals, and be aware of what type of training intensity you should use.

This is a highly complex process, and you might end up with the wrong collection for your goals. As an easy way out, you might decide to join a ready-made team of fitness specialists who would cater to your needs if you are willing to spare some cash. This team of specialists and fitness experts is dedicated to helping to figure out what plans would allow you to achieve your fitness goals. But what happens if you neither have the knowledge or money to spare for a workout plan? This is where free plans come in. 

Free plans are ready-made workout plans designed for various people to help them achieve a specific goal.

It is intended for a group of people with varying interests in mind. Free workout plans save you the time and money that goes into coming up with a splendid workout plan.

Contrary to popular opinion, free workout plans are as effective as paid workout plans.

The only difference is that the contents of these plans are free. It does not matter if you are trying to lose weight or gain some pounds; there are free workout plans that contain all four essential exercise categories at zero extra charges.

Free Workout Plans You Can Do Right Now

While there is no doubt that free workout plans are readily available, it might not be easy finding one that suits your goals. Below are the ten best free workout plans to choose from:

1. The 4-Week Beginner’s Workout Plan (Level One)

The 4-Week beginner workout plan by Jared Beckstrand is a beginner-level workout plan. Designed to help you build muscle and feel great in a 4-week margin, the 4-week beginner plan helps you stay motivated and ease into the habit of exercising regularly.

This structured plan does not require any equipment and can be performed at home or under the watchful eyes of a personal trainer.

The 4-week program contains every essential bodyweight exercise from jumping jacks, to push-ups, squats, lunges, and  burpees into a more convenient schedule. 

2. 4-Week Winter Bulk-Up Plan

If you are trying to get in shape in summer, winter is a great time to start. Take advantage of the frosty weather and pack muscle onto your frame in this take-no-prisoners routine.

Tim McComsey put together the 4-Week Winter Bulk-Up Plan to help fitness enthusiasts get shredded in time for the warm weather.

The program is split into three different components: 

  • A lengthy period of training significant muscles of the chest, back, and legs
  • Rest periods between exercises to enable proper muscle recovery.
  • Rest between sets of exercises.

The 4-Week Winter Bulk-Up Plan is a challenging program. The first week is tough, but as you begin to adapt, especially in the second week, it begins to get easier. The 4-Week Winter Bulk-Up plan is excellent for beginners as it allows more rest time in-between exercises and sets than other plans do.

3. Joe Wicks 2-Week HIIT Workout Plan

If there is anything to expect from Joe Wicks, it is an ultimate fat-shredding workout plan.

Designed by a fitness coach, this workout plan focuses on using High-Intensity Interval Training exercises to burn fat off your frame.

Since HIIT exercises are designed to fire up the heart rate and boost your metabolism, it makes sense to include HIIT exercises into your weight loss routine. 

The Joe Wicks 2-Week HIIT Workout Plan is designed to aid your weight loss journey and help you shed a few pounds in no time.

It features nine workouts and three rest days in 2 weeks. Joe Wicks split the workout between cardio shred, upper body shred, lower body shred, and total body shred to pay equal attention to all major and minor muscle groups. From frog jumps to chair tricep dips and speedy lunge jumps, the Joe Wicks 2-Week HIIT Workout Plan is bound to get your muscles burning.

For impressive results, pair your training with the  ELITE PRE-WORKOUT STACK as it contains everything you need for faster muscle recovery, improved energy, and extra muscle pump to accelerate your results.

4. The 6-Week Model Workout Plan

The 6-Week Model Workout Plan is the perfect option for men looking to add lean muscle into their frame. It was designed by fitness model and coach Jordan Morello who finally shares the secret to his fantastic beach bod.

This 6-week extended workout plan is split into 5-day workout routines to help you reach your goal quickly. The 6-Week Model Workout Plan is beginner-friendly and can be done regardless of fitness level. 

Jordan Morello’s blueprint is built around compound moves like deadlifts, squats, and bench presses that aim to work for many major muscle groups at once.

These are then complemented with isolation exercises for better muscle stimulation and detailing. The program is split into four workouts designed to target seperate major muscle groups with a rest day in-between. It is advisable to scale up the reps and sets you perform each week to get the best results.

5. The Maximus Body 21-Day Summer Shred

Bobby Maximus isn’t only big on exercises. In this ultimate summer shred plan, he also includes diet and essential nutrition to help the muscles grow.

The Maximus Body 21-Day Summer Shred is an unforgiving workout plan that aims to help you get shredded and bulky in 3 weeks.

It is a journey of conscious diet and hard work in the gym. With this workout plan, you are expected to work out ten times a week for three weeks. There is no easy way to get muscles, and Bobby Maximus emphasizes this in his summer body boot camp.

He provides five important nutrition rules: 

  • Eat meals containing less than 500 calories every three hours five times daily.
  • Ditch processed foods for natural ingredients.
  • Go heavy on the carbs and proteins but remember to count your percentages. Your daily intake should be less than 100 grams of carbs and more than 150 carbs of protein.
  • Skip late-night meals. No food within 3 hours of bedtime.
  • Eat your calories. Don’t drink them.

As for the workout, Bobby’s plan encourages 10 minutes of a general warmup followed by another 10 specific warmups. This is followed by cardio compound exercises like barbell bench presses, pull-ups, and barbell deadlifts. Finisher exercises and a 10-minute break follow your main exercises to cool down.

The Bobby Maximus way might be strict and complicated, but if you dream of getting your muscles bigger, the Bobby Maximus way is the way to go.

6. Julian Shapiro’s Workout Plan

Julian Shapiro’s workout plan has one objective: to delay your chances of bottling muscle plateau too early.

He makes this possible by creating exercise volumes that offset lagging and optimizes your muscle recovery. Julian Shapiro’s Workout plan is divided into A and B. Plan A might be beginner-level, but it is as complicated as it gets. This level is to help newbies incorporate into the fitness world while simultaneously allowing them to hit major muscle groups. This level lasts for eight weeks and involves exercises like the dumbbell incline press, bicep curl, front raise, floor crunch, and dumbbell squat.

It might be wise to get a spotter or fitness trainer to help you along. You get to tests after a 3-day cycle and will begin to see results in no time. Plan B is a second level that aims to boost your muscles to increase your muscle mass. The exercises in this level should be followed strictly. Plan B requires bulky gym equipment, so if you have been working out at home, you might want to migrate to the gym. Shapiro also provides a maintenance workout plan for reaching your mass goal. 

7. The Recession Workout Plan

It doesn’t matter in what context it is used; a recession is never good news. As an active fitness enthusiast, one thing is inevitable; muscle recession. It is part of your training life cycle, but it is up to you to do your best to avoid a total crash.

The Recession Workout Plan is an 8-week plan designed to keep you fit through long-term growth.

It is divided into a 6-week ‘peak weeks’ where you are required to train past your muscle tolerance threshold and a 2-week recession period where you train minimally to help your muscles recover properly. 

8. Built For The Beach v2.0 

As if an initial release wasn’t enough, the Built For The Beach reboot episode promises new training methods and mind-blowing muscle response.

If you aim to cut fat and gain a beach bod fit for a model, this plan should be high up on your to-do list.

The Built For The Beach v2.0 starts off with training the one part that fitness enthusiasts groan at: the legs. Building legs is a challenging feat that is bound to drain you, so why not? This workout plan also includes two different options for training your abs and even more workouts for your chest and back to total a full-body gain.

You train your legs and abs on day 1, shoulders and arms on day 2, and chest and back on day 4. Top this with a compulsory ab finisher exercise and your muscles are bound to burn at the end of your routine. Don’t fret; day 3 is your off-time to help your muscles recover. Day 5, however, is for a mixture of steady and interval cardio, while day 6 is full-body circuit day. Again, take time off on day 7.

The Built For The Beach workout plan lasts 4-8 weeks, and in no time, you will achieve your beach bod goal.

9. The 3-Day Party Detox Workout

So you got a little bit carried away during the summer. You backslid on alcohol, unhealthy food, and skipping the gym one too many times, and now, you seek much-needed recovery. The 3-Day Party Detox Workout is what you need to cleanse the effects of partying too hard. Without the perfect plan to incorporate you back into the gym, you will undoubtedly have a slow start when you try to circuit your way back from when you stop.

The 3-day Party Detox Workout starts with full-body flush #1, containing everything from barbell bench presses to planks.

You take active rest the next day, begin full body flush #2, practice cardio the next, and finally, take on full-body flush #3 the day after. The rest of the days are saved for HIIT exercises and, ultimately, complete rest. Rest and recovery are a big part of the 3-Day Party Detox Workout.

RESTED-AF  can help you achieve high-quality sleep and the full muscle recovery needed to make your come back as a fitness enthusiast or pro athlete.

10. New Year Total Body Reconstruction

So your new year’s resolution is to be out with the old and in with the new. If you have decided to get fit and jacked in the new year, the New Year Total Body Reconstruction Workout Plan is the best choice for you.

This program has one primary objective: to hone mind-muscle connection.

It is beginner-friendly but can also be adopted by veterans. The New Year Total Body Reconstruction workout plan might seem slow and repetitive, but it focuses on building connections for long-term results.

This helps you maximize every rep in the program for muscle response and gain. The New Year Total Body Reconstruction plan breaks and pairs each major muscle group and takes time to work them all, i.e., Day 1 is for chest and back, Day 2 is for Legs and abs, and Day 3 is for Shoulders and arms.

If your goal is to stay fit in the long run, the New Year Total Body Reconstruction workout plan will give you a bang for your buck.

Which Free Workout Plan Is Best For You?

There are tons of free workout plans out there today, and they all promise the same thing: to help you stay fit. Choosing the best plan for you is a choice you should not take lightly.

While essentially all methods are great, you should go with a plan that best works with the fitness goal that you have in mind. Are you looking to build maximum muscle on your frame? Or are you interested in lean muscle for that toned and fit athletic look?

All these are what you should keep in mind before choosing to work with a workout plan. Always remember to focus on using one program at a time. See the end of one plan before moving on to another.