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September 02, 2022 5 min read

Kanye West is one of the most iconic rappers of this generation, and although he’s known primarily for his music, he’s also known as Kim Kardashian’s now former husband, and for his shoes and clothes business, Yeezy.

To many, Kanye, or Ye as he has referred to himself, is a genius. But to others, he may seem like an egotistical maniac. 

Whatever your opinion on Kanye, there’s no doubt that he’s an icon, a household name, and a hard worker.

A Netflix documentary, Jeen-Yuhs: A Kanya Trilogy, is based on the life of Kanye West. Part one in particular shows how he worked his way from the bottom to the top of the world and the charts, and how he grew his $2 billion net worth.

Kanye West has worked hard to get where he’s at and was even complimented by Michael Jackson himself. His perseverance has paid off and, along with the infamous Jay-Z, made him one of the most successful rappers of his generation.

Kanye’s Daily Routine

Many successful business people, whether they’re rappers like Kanye or tech moguls like Elon Musk, adopt a consistent daily routine to help stay on track. 

Kanye West is known for his eccentricity and unpredictability, but his routine seems pretty standard.

Kanye typically wakes up early and goes for a jog or hits the gym. After breakfast, he’ll head to the office to answer emails and handle other business tasks.

The afternoon is typically spent in meetings, but if he has the afternoon off, he enjoys spending time with his four children, North, Saint, Psalm, and Chicago. They may go to the park or to a kid-friendly restaurant.

In the evening, Kanye heads home for dinner cooked by his personal chef. However, that’s not the end of his day. After dinner is when the work really happens.

Kanye is a self-proclaimed night owl, so it’s no surprise that the rapper and producer spends his time in his studio in Calabasas working on the next big project.

What’s Kanye Doing Now?

The internet exploded with the news of the business women and reality TV star’s new love interest, and Kanye didn’t hide his feelings about it in his music or on social media.

After his divorce, instead of staying in Los Angeles, he moved into his  ranch in Wyoming for his own mental health, which was definitely bound to change up his typical routine.

Most recently, Kanye moved into Atlanta’s Mercedes-Benz stadium while he finished his album, “Donda”. 

Although he released a picture of  what his bedroom looked like, and he was said to be living in minimal conditions, there were rumors that he also hired a full staff, including a personal chef.

Like many other celebs with a personal chef, it must be easy to eat whatever you want, healthy or not.

The Kanye West Diet

When Kanye still lived with Kim, he would constantly eat McDonald’s — two Big Macs, a milkshake, and a dessert pie would be his go-to. He also requested his refrigerator be stashed with soda, ice cream, juices, bacon, and more.

However, his then wife despised his eating habits, and they would occasionally do fad diets together to promote weight loss.

Since Kanye is no stranger to fad diets, it may not be a shock that he recently adopted a keto diet.

The keto diet consists of cutting out carbs and only eating protein and fat. The goal is for your body to burn the fat for fuel instead of carbs, so it can be beneficial for weight loss and insulin sensitivity, but  it may lead to increased cardiovascular risks.

To aid in your fat loss journey, check out  Shredded-AF  thermogenic fat burner that focuses on boosting metabolism, suppressing cravings, and providing all-day energy and mental clarity without the crash.

Kanye’s Keto Diet

Over 12 million people follow the keto diet every year, and although it can be beneficial, it’s also very strict, and that’s the number one reason people end up quitting it. Keto-friendly brands, like Quest and Halo Top, are becoming more and more popular, but having a personal chef can make following this diet much easier.

Willie Wallace is one of Kanye West’s personal chefs, and he also follows a keto diet. In fact, according to an Insider interview, that’s what pushed Kanye to adopt this diet.

Wallace has served West French toast casserole with blueberries and cream cheese, lobster tail, and chicken sausage, and although he has been enthusiastic about all the foods, his favorite meals so far have been jerked meats, including salmon, jerk chicken omelets, and ribs.

The keto diet is limiting, but with an unlimited budget, it allows the personal chef to explore endless options for his billionaire client. He’s even compared cooking for Kanye to painting on a canvas.

If you’re interested in trying keto yourself, some foods that are keto-friendly are animal proteins like seafood, beef, and chicken, eggs, cheese, plain yogurt, lettuce, spinach, kale, peppers, avocados, nuts and seeds, olive oil, and more.

The Kanye West Workout Plan

When you hear the phrase, Kanye’s workout plan, you may first think of his song, “The New Workout Plan” on his debut album, The College Dropout.

This song is somewhat of a satire on gym culture and the hip hop genre, including the music videos and misogynistic displays of women. The video is essentially a workout tape for women to lose weight and be in shape to get a man.

Although the rapper doesn’t actually have his own workout plan, he does have his own fitness routine with celebrity trainer, Don “DB” Brooks. 

Brooks is also known for training Kim, Khloe, and Kourtney Kardashian, among other big names in LA.

He created  Don-A-Matrix  training to spread his love and knowledge for all things fitness, and to demonstrate his secret to a successful body transformation journey.

The Kanye West Workout Routine

So, what does a busy billionaire do to stay in shape? 

Kanye focuses on workouts that help him tone up and burn fat. Brooks often programs Kanye’s workouts with various exercises, resistance bands, and BOSU balls and keeps workouts intense and controlled.

Kanye’s workout is similar to a signature Don-A-Matrix style workout, which consists of full body cardio and strength training to help burn body fat and build lean muscle mass.

Since being released from the hospital after a mental breakdown, Kanye dedicated five to six days a week to working out. 

He typically alternates between working out in his home gym and a local gym.

Although working out six days a week may not be necessary since  working out between two to five days a week can be sufficient, it’s important to listen to your body and take rest days when needed.

To help boost your recovery, check out  ADABOLIC  for increased performance and recovery to blast through plateaus and transform your body.

Train Like Yeezy

Kanye is no stranger to determination and hard work, and his success is proof of that. He works hard in the studio and in the gym to keep his mind, body, and business thriving.

The rapper, producer, and entrepreneur has been through a lot of negativity the past couple of years, and that could have taken a toll on his routine and life in general. But being able to stay on track and focused even when you’re down is what helps reach your goals.

Celebrity news is full of crazy Kanye commentary, but modeling your work ethic and perseverance after his own can be positive for your life in and outside the gym.