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July 24, 2021 3 min read

You know the feeling….

…you just crushed a workout, your muscles are swole-AF, and you feel like a warrior from 300.

You’ve got a pump that feels like it will last for days, but that feeling doesn’t last long… 

...and you know it.

But what if there was a way to elevate your resting pump, and increase muscle hardness so that you feel like that every day you roll out of bed?

Fortunately for you, there is…

‘The amount of gains from this product is so UNREAL. At first I was like is this stuff really legal? But man no water retention my muscles are nice and hard I’m super happy with my decision to buy this product will be back for more thank you steel love the products!!’  - Jesse H.

‘Always and I mean always my go to whenever I order from Steel. It's one of their best products. I should know cuz it's always on back order lol. You need this in your arsenal peeps trust me and it also helps with your libido as well’ - Dan A.

'I'm always skeptical of reviews I see online, worrying that they’re fake. I decided to give this product a try anyways and can tell you that it works. After only 6 days of taking it, I increased my 225 bench from 8 reps to 10. I had been plateaued at 8 reps for almost a year and the only thing I changed was adding this. Highly recommend’ - Joseph R.

‘After about a week taking it noticed a huge difference. Strength and size was very noticeable. Already got more coming in the mail.’ - Steven P.

‘Started taking this two days ago and already feeling Alpha AF 🇺🇲💪🏻 ‘ - Jae R.

‘This product is fantastic. Every muscle I work has an insane pump and they are FULL thick and HARD the gains are legit.’ - Justin W.

‘Strength went through the roof after two weeks, stamina and endurance have increased and recovery time is hours instead of days.’ - Ryan T.

‘WOW!! This stuff is the real deal, I’ve put nearly 10 lbs of lean muscle on since using this product stacked with No7. The pumps are crazy, energy through the roof, i feel 20 again! I’m 35 male with some natural dips in T well, this stuff works! In the first couple days I noticed a difference, I put muscle on like its my first time in the gym again.’ - Brian D.

‘I’ve noticed that my muscles feel full and hard. My focus is 💯 through reps. I can actually feel more control like the muscle itself is focused. My sex drive has went up to a level the I’m happy with. Overall I think this is something that all active men that are pushing 40 or older should definitely give a try. Im 39 and I feel very strong right now. I am currently half way through the Alpha-AF cycle and haven't lost a single gain.’ - Timothy B.

‘Looks to be working great. My workout has been mind blowing with the amount weight increase. Definitely feel like muscle growth is happening. Muscles feel much harder.’ - Scott L.

‘I’m in week two and I can immediately say I’m way stronger and am gaining muscle crazy fast. Will be back after week 8 to share my results’ - Alex H.

‘On week three now already noticing results. Went up 30lbs on my bench PR.’ - Tony P.

‘The energy boost is ridiculous!! Recovery time is hours not days. Gains are measured weekly not monthly.’ - Todd R.

‘Greatness in a bottle’ - David W.

If you’re ready totake your strength and muscle mass to the next levelyou can get ‘greatness in a bottle’and elevate your baseline pump here.