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September 29, 2021 7 min read

These days, one of the best places to find workout ideas, diet plans, and bodybuilding inspiration is social media, and no one proves that better than Connor Murphy.

The Texas-born Murphy -- perhaps better known as ConnorMurphyOfficial, his Instagram handle -- has made a name for himself as a fitness icon and social media influencer. He routinely posts workout tips, diet plans and recipes, plus updates on his weightlifting goals and bodybuilding career.

In this article, we take a closer look at Connor Murphy’s real workout routine, plus the diet he sticks to to maintain his physique. 

Who is Connor Murphy? 

Connor Murphy is a bodybuilding champ, fitness icon, and social media influencer. He is also the creator of the Adonyx workout system for men, a program designed to help men strengthen their physique through weightlifting and other bodybuilding exercises. 

Bodybuilder fitness lifestyle concept Croped black and white shot on black background

Murphy’s star has risen steadily since he first began his online presence back in 2016. Today, he posts motivational workout videos and general bodybuilding lifestyle tips on his Instagram and YouTube accounts.

Though bodybuilders on social media tend to be a dime a dozen, Murphy has separated himself from the crowd in part because of his funny Fake Shirt Pranks. In these videos, Murphy approaches strangers and asks them to guess the color of the t-shirt he is wearing under his jacket.

Murphy always loses his gamble, then rips off his shirt to show off his ripped chest muscles. Bystanders’ reactions often steal the show!  At 27 years old (as of October 2021), Murphy is 6’1” (185 cm) and weighs in at just under 200 pounds (about 88 kg). 

The Real Connor Murphy Workout Routine 

To achieve his goal of earning and maintaining a well balanced and well proportioned physique, bodybuilder Connor Murphy hits the gym five days a week. When it comes to his actual workout routine, Murphy tends to follow a traditional bodybuilding schedule of cutting and bulking.

He prefers basic exercises like squats, bench presses, bent-over rows, and overhead presses, though when he is preparing for an upcoming competition, he also adds isolation workouts like bicep curls, sit ups, and tricep extensions.  

Below, we outline one week of Murphy’s exercise routine. Beginners looking to emulate Murphy’s workouts should not worry about completing every rep, set, and exercise. Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither were Murphy’s abs!

Monday: Chest Workout

Murphy begins his workout week with exercises targeting his chest muscles. His biggest tip when it comes to tackling these workouts is to warm up your chest right before you begin.

A good warm up will ensure you are ready to get progressively stronger throughout your reps. Murphy likes to begin his first chest sets with a heavy compound lift, while he has maximum energy. 

  • Incline Bench Press -- 10 reps, 4 sets 
  • Flat Bench Press -- 10 reps, 4 sets 
  • Dumbbell Flat Press -- 8 reps, 4 sets 
  • Upper Chest Squeezes with T-Bar Row Superset -- 12 reps, 4 sets 
  • Cable Flys -- 10 reps, 4 sets 
  • Weighted Chest Dips -- 10-12 reps, 5 sets
  • Incline Dumbbell Fly -- 10-12 reps, 5 sets
  • Seated Pec Deck -- 10-12 reps, 5 sets 
  • Standing Cable Crossover -- 10-12 reps, 5 sets

Tuesday: Shoulder Workout

Murphy is adamant that anyone interested in bodybuilding focus on developing a v-taper -- that is massive shoulders and wide lateral muscles that taper down to a lean waist.

A true v-taper is often credited with helping bodybuilders stand out from the crowd in competition. To develop a proper v-taper, shoulder workouts are vital. Here is how Murphy targets his shoulders.    

  • Single-Arm Standing Dumbbell Press -- 10-12 reps, 3 sets 
  • Seated Dumbbell Shoulder Press -- 10 reps, 4 sets
  • Machine Reverse Flys -- 10 reps, 4 sets
  • Machine Shoulder Press -- 10 reps, 4 sets 
  • 45-Pound Plate Raises -- 12 reps, 3 sets 
  • Front Dumbbell Raises -- 10 reps, 4 sets
  • Lying Single-Arm Lateral Raise -- 10-12 reps, 3 sets 
  • Dumbbell Rear Delt Fly -- 10-12 reps, 3 sets 
  • Standing Dumbbell Lateral Raise -- 10-12 reps, 3 sets 
  • Standing Dumbbell Front Raises -- 10-12 reps, 3 sets

Wednesday: Back and Biceps Workout

Having a strong back is absolutely crucial for any bodybuilder or weightlifter. After all, back muscles are used in just about every workout!

On back days, Murphy likes to include a heavy compound movement. The Barbell Deadlift is a particular favorite. Other exercises frequently incorporated into his back day rotation include:

  • T-Bar Row -- 8-10 reps, 3 sets 
  • Deadlifts -- 10 reps, 4 sets 
  • Seated Wide Grip Lateral Pull Down -- 8-10 reps, 3 sets 
  • Barbell Deadlift -- 8-10 reps, 3 sets 
  • Barbell Row -- 8-10 reps, 3 sets  
  • Seated Cable Row -- 8-10 reps, 3 sets 
  • EX Bar Preacher Curl -- 8-12 reps, 3 sets 
  • Cable Tricep Pushdown -- 8-12 reps, 3 sets 
  • Standing Dumbbell Shrug -- 8-10 reps, 3 sets

Thursday: Leg Workout

A bodybuilder’s legs may not be the focus of his performance during a competition, but strong legs are vital for completing exercises properly and safely.

  • One-legged Stationary Lunges -- 8 reps, 4 sets per leg 
  • Barbell Squat -- 8-10 reps, 3 sets 
  • Seated Leg Press -- 8-10 reps, 3 sets 
  • Single-Leg Dumbbell Bench Lunge -- 8-10 reps, 3 sets
  • Seated Leg Extensions -- 8-10 reps, 3 sets 
  • Seated Reverse Hamstring Curl -- 8-10 reps, 3 sets 
  • Standing Calf Raise -- 8-10 reps, 3 sets

Friday: Core 

Murphy ends his five-day workout week by targeting his core.

Some of his favorite core exercises include:

  • Cable Crunches 
  • Leg Raises
  • Weighted Oblique Crunches with Medicine Ball 
  • Bodyweight Crunches 
  • Ab Rolls 
  • Decline Sit Ups

Saturday & Sunday: Rest Days

Pro Tip: Before beginning your workouts, ensure maximum energy and focus by supplementing your pre-workout snacks and meals with a supplement like  Amped-AF

The Connor Murphy Diet 

Between his Instagram account and his  YouTube channel, Connor Murphy posts a lot about the diet plans he sticks to at different points in his health journey. Murphy goes grocery shopping weekly, and doesn’t shy away from buying his favorite foods.

One of the bodybuilding influencer’s best dieting tips is to eat foods you like and genuinely enjoy. Otherwise, you are not likely to stick to any diet plan, and will just get frustrated.

Almost always included in Murphy’s shopping cart: 

  • Oatmeal 
  • Eggs
  • Pasta
  • Avocados 
  • Chicken 
  • Sweet Potatos 
  • Corn Tortillas 
  • Canned Tuna 
  • Greel Yogurt 
  • Juice

He especially enjoys lean proteins and berries, and builds many of his snacks and meals around those things. Murphy varies his diet depending upon whether he is  bulking or cutting

Connor Murphy’s Diet for Cutting 

When he is cutting, Murphy consumes about six small meals per day. He packs as much protein in per meal as he can in order to keep himself fuller throughout the day. Though he varies his meals occassionally, here is a sample of a day’s diet when he is cutting.

Meal #1: 

  • Steel cut oatmeal (80 grams)
  • Mixed fruit (100 grams)
  • Whey protein (½ scoop)
  • Two whole eggs

Meal #2: 

  • Whole grain pasta (90 grams)
  • Tuna (1 can) mixed with two tablespoons of mayonnaise 
  • Mixed vegetables

Meal #3: 

  • Plain Greek yogurt (2 cups)
  • Almonds (28 grams)
  • Fruit (100 grams)

Meal #4: Pre-Workout Meal 

  • Brown rice or lentils 
  • Spinach
  • Soy sauce

Murphy knows that this very important meal will set the pace for his workouts, so he ensures it will give him the energy he needs to lift.

Meal #5: Post-workout meal

  • Grilled chicken breast (8 oz)
  • Oatmeal square cereal (230 grams)

Meal #6: 

  • Omelet with four eggs 
  • Turkey (100 grams)
  • Mixed vegetables 

Connor Murphy’s Diet for Bulking

Meal #1: 

  • Quick oatmeal (2 cups)
  • Mixed fruit (1 ½ cups)

Meal #2: 

  • Tuna pasta salad made with elbow pasta (2 cups), tuna (1 can), light mayo (6 tablespoons), relish, onions, seasoning, and topped with parmesan cheese

Meal #3: 

  • Chocolate flavored almonds (1 cup)

Meal #4: 

  • Six whole eggs
  • Six tortillas

Murphy refers to this meal as his breakfast tacos!

Meal #5: Post-workout meal 

  • Mini wheat cereal (1 cup)
  • Whey protein (1 scoop)

Meal #6: 

  • Salmon salad made with canned salmon (1 can), sunflower seeds (¼ cup), romaine lettuce, and ginger sesame dressing (2 tablespoons)

Murphy admits that his eating could be cleaner, though he enjoys eating out and enjoyment matters. According to Murphy, it is far more important to keep track of your macros. Murphy himself is very strict about tracking everything he eats. This ensures he is consuming enough protein, fats, and carbs.   

What Supplements Does Connor Murphy Take? 

After looking over his diet plan, you may have noticed that Connor Murphy includes a supplement of  whey protein with many of his meals.

Whey protein food supplement for training and exercise

Consuming whey protein has myriad benefits, all backed by science.

  • Reduces cellular inflammation 
  • Reduces hunger, and can even be safely used to replace a meal
  • Enhances body antioxidant defenses
  • Promotes muscle growth

Murphy consumes whey protein for its ability to help pack on muscles. It complements other protein sources like turkey and chicken. Plus, it is an easy way to ensure he is getting enough vitamins, minerals, and nutrients to support his workout routines.

Whey protein is an easy addition to many breakfast meals (start your day off right!), though Murphy almost always includes it in a post-workout protein shake. 

Whey protein comes in a variety of appealing flavors, including hot cocoa, blueberry muffin, raspberry cheesecake, chocolate marshmallow, and banana pancakes. 


Connor Murphy is a social media influencer who has inspired his thousands of followers with motivational bodybuilding posts and lighthearted YouTube videos.

To maintain his well-balanced physique, Murphy hits the gym five days a week. He prefers basic exercises, and targets a different part of his body each day. He supplements his workout routine with strict diet plans -- one when he is bulking, and one when he is cutting.