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March 26, 2021 11 min read

Need some help hitting your weight loss goals? These gym memes are sure to get your blood pumping. Fitness memes serve one purpose, and that’s to get your gym rats back on track. Maybe something your personal trainer’s been pushing you to work harder than you think you can, or maybe your best friend has been talking you into skipping, something is draining your drive.

You could go with workout quotes to top yourself back up, but today, you’re getting funny pics. Maybe your autocomplete brought you here,  maybe you were trawling through pinterest’s terms during your home workout. Whatever it was, fate has brought you here to the exercise memes.

Let's have some fitness fun.

1. Diet

    It’s a hard pill to swallow, well more like a meal, and it’s not hard to swallow if you chew first. Eating healthy or dieting seems like a pain in the butt, but there’s a reason you feel better when you do. Wellness is all about what you put in.

    Take the time to plan your meals out, so you’re not spending every minute of the day thinking about what you’re going to to eat next. Focus on cutting your carbs down and finding healthy proteins for your body to use when rebuilding your muscles on rest days.

    If you build good habits you won’t have to worry about breaking bad ones in the future, and eating well is a good habit you can carry with you for the rest of your life.

    Pizza Gym

    2. Pizza Has Its Place

      Look, eating well doesn’t mean leafy green vegetables with a side of broccoli every day. Like we said, it’s about building good habits. 

      You tend to wake up at the same time every day, right? If you’ve got a 9 to 5 then you probably sleep in a little bit on the weekends. That doesn’t tear your working life apart, and neither will a little pizza fitness. 

      Your nutrition can be like your sleep schedule. If you’re not shoveling trash every day then you’re allowed to treat yourself every now and then. You’re not really destroying your good workout. 

      Don’t get too uptight, you’ll find a happy medium that allows you to continue eating your favorites while powering your body for your fitness goals.

      3. Doughnut Overdo It

        What’s so important about eating well? 

        When you’re looking to slim down or carve out muscle definition, your diet is where you’ll make or break yourself. If you don’t manage your input, then most of the time you spend on your gym days is going to be spent burning the energy you have floating free in your bloodstream.

        If you can’t even get to the fat burning part of your workout, then you’re just going to be holding onto it, and it’ll block the visibility of your muscle definition, driving you insane for months on end.

        4. Take Care of Yourself

          Take care not to overdo it. You can cause just as much harm to your body by leaning too much on caffeine and eschewing rest days. 

          Look at your fitness and diet holistically.

           Are you getting enough sleep? It’s no good to get up early for the gym if you’re not getting any sleep. 

          Are you switching up your exercises day to day? If you’re just pounding on the same part of your body seven days a week you’re going to get hurt. 

          Are you stretching? If you build up a ton of muscle without working on your flexibility you’re going to become stiff and stall out your progress. It sounds like tumblr mumbo jumbo, but there’s some truth to it.

          5. Get Swole 

            We don’t get any shortcuts.

            Bodybuilding is hard work. Strongmen don’t get to where they are by waving a wand and throwing rat toenails into a cauldron.

            It takes dedication, practice, and a tightly regimented workout routine backed by science that targets certain muscles in order to bring out their potential and work them in tandem with their partners. 

            6. No Rest Days? Big Problem

              When you’re working out you’re battering your body. An effective workout is always about pushing your muscles just a little bit further than you think they’re capable of. 

              Each session you push yourself further and further. That pain you feel on the last set is your muscles fibers splitting away from each other. When your lungs are begging for air it’s because your body is using every single molecule of oxygen that you can muster up. 

              It’s basically torture, and you need to rest in between sessions because of the trauma you’ve put your body through.

              If you’re beating yourself down without reprieve then you’re eventually going to slam headfirst into a progress wall.

              Two men working out

              7. Skipping

                Friends don’t let friends skip. 

                If your friends are trying to talk you into skipping, that’s your cue to talk them into going. You picked your partners for a reason. The motivation train goes both ways.

                Support your pals, and when your motivation is down they’ll support you,

                8. Double Dutch

                  We mean it about skipping.

                  9. Learn Proper Form

                    Don’t get yourself hurt.

                    If you spend even ten minutes every few days doing an exercise wrong, you’re just going to have to spend time undoing that damage. Anything worth doing once is worth doing right.  

                    Bad wrist placement on barbells will lead to problems down the line. You can squat your way into tearing your ligaments, and if you get injured you’ll be out of commission, and whatever weird shortcut you were attempting will be undone while you waste your time recovering. 

                    We’ve got supercomputers in our pockets now, take a second to look up proper form before you beast mode yourself straight to the hospital.

                    10. Pride in Your Body

                      You know what? We hope you feel like this. 

                      You’re spending all of this time in the gym to improve your performance and harness the potential of your body. You deserve to look in the mirror and feel pride.

                      Ain’t nothing wrong with loving yourself, especially after you put in the hours to make yourself something to love.

                      Group gym class

                      11. Crossfit

                        Are your muscles confused yet? We know this is a lot of reading for them to do. 

                        Crossfit ignores a lot of conventional knowledge. That knowledge is conventional for a reason. It’s endured because it’s been proven. 

                        The best thing Crossfit does for you is target all of your muscles. It’s important to work out your entire body and they got that right, but you can’t just trick your body into getting stronger.

                        Take your time and learn what muscle groups you’re targeting and log them. You’ll find areas of neglect, and find an exercise that covers your blind spots.

                        12. Endurance 

                          Get your reps up. That’s all we can say. 

                          Endurance comes with time. If you can lower your weight and get more reps in, your body will trim down and you’ll have the chance to get your heart rate up. Training your cardiovascular system is just as important as training any other part of your body. 

                          Building endurance will allow you to stay in the gym much longer, and you’ll be stronger in the long run. 

                          So don’t feel ashamed of your low endurance at first, think of it as a starting line. Push yourself, and, eventually, you’ll see that you’ve gone much further than you even thought possible.

                          13. No Cardio huh?

                            Go ahead and skip the cardio. We get that it’s not for everyone.

                            Sometimes you’ve just got to back away from a challenge, because you’re scared of it and you’re afraid of failure.

                            That’s sarcasm, by the way. 

                            You spent all of this time proving to yourself that you had it in you to do all of this weight training, and you’re going to back away from a little run?

                            You use your legs all day. If there’s anything you shouldn’t have a problem with, it’s cardio. Find something you like, you might need to break out the jump rope if the treadmill is giving you nightmares. Some of the strongest and fastest men in the world jumped rope. 

                            There’s something they understood about a full routine, and you could learn from them. 

                            14. Gaining Muscle

                              This one is easy to clear up. 

                              Don’t just track your calories. You should be tracking your performance as well. Calories are only part of the whole picture. Calories are just a measure of the energy your body gets to burn (or store), but performance is what your muscles are doing. They can only do more work if they’ve been supplemented, so your answer lies in progress, not calories. 

                              15. Time in the Gym

                                Make a plan, man. 

                                If you’re just heading to the gym without a plan, you’re going to end up with a schedule that looks a lot like this. 

                                You’ve got to balance out your routine. If you find an exercise you like, find something to complement. You can’t just work your chest all the time without working on your back. If you’re working on your biceps, make sure you’re isolating your triceps as well. 

                                Every part of your body is extending and flexing, so you need to make sure you’re working both ends of that equation so you don’t end up with hunched posture or bad knees.

                                  We’ve all been there. It’s early, you want to get your workout over with, but starting with a cup of coffee before you grab the weights might make you tear your hair out.

                                  “I’ll just add one extra scoop,” famous last words. 

                                  Now you’re just standing by the squat rack, its your partner’s turn on the squat rack.

                                  Then it hits you. The caffeine’s blocking the adenosine receptors. Your brain’s not getting those sleepy signals anymore, and now you’re bouncing off the walls. It’s time to go. You could lift a planet. If they don’t clear this gym out you’re going to snap a barbell in half with your mind.

                                  17. Don’t Be a Creep

                                    What are you in the gym for? You’re trying to build yourself the best body possible. You’re probably squeezing this into some of your already sparse free time. 

                                    You’re probably sweaty and gasping for air during your sets, just begging gravity to cut you a break for one freaking second. If you’re going to meet someone, it’s not gonna be like this. 

                                    You look crazy, and if you don’t think now’s the time to strike up a conversation with you, then that girl over there sure as hell isn’t looking to meet her soulmate. She may look great in that sports bra, but give her the courtesy of meeting you after you’ve changed out of your nasty gym clothes. 

                                    Give it a rest, if it’s meant to be you’ll have your chance without staring her down like a weirdo.

                                    18. Really, Don’t be a Creep

                                      This one is for the ladies only. Fellas, look away. 

                                      Are they gone? 

                                      I don’t know if they got the message with the last one, but it’s weird right? They’re just… standing there waiting for you to react. You’re just trying to get your workout done like everyone else, and Sweaty McGrunty is licking his lips in the corner waiting for the cable machine to clear up.

                                      Pack it up buddy, you can try your luck at the bar later. We’ll see if the weights paid off.

                                      19. More Stuff About Squats

                                      Men squatting

                                        Nothing should be deeper than your squat. 

                                        If you want to learn to live by these words, it’s going to take some practice. If you can’t get too low with your squats yet, we suggest trying out box squats and working your way up to getting low.

                                        Take the time to learn proper squatting form, and you’ll have an easier time because you’re working with your body’s anatomy, rather than against it.

                                        If you start preserving your range of motion now, you’ll thank us later. 

                                        20. Squats and Knee Pain

                                          It’s enough to make you want to quit forever. The knee pain when you finally get back on your squats almost seems like it’s not worth the hassle. 

                                          They’re not even looking at my legs anyway, right? My eyes are up here pal.

                                          What if we told you there was a way to do your squats without having your knees laugh you into next week? If you’re doing them right, then squats should be strengthening your knees.

                                          Take your time, move through your full range of motion with some basic stretches if you need to, whatever it takes to squeeze the fear out of leg day.

                                          21. You Know What They Say About Leg Day...

                                            If you’re waking up feeling like this, it’s going to scare you away from leg day. But it’s hard. Those muscles are huge, and you’re going to have to work them hard if you want results. 

                                            But then you have to walk the next day, and if you skip leg day you’re going to look like a flesh covered wine glass. Nobody wants that.

                                            Try taking a warm bath or something, dude. A key part of helping your muscles restore after an intense session is blood flow, and a bath is great for that.

                                             Plus, you’ll get yourself smelling right for whoever you happen to run into outside of the gym later. 

                                            22. Don’t Skip it, Man

                                              The sweet siren call of skipping leg day. T’s the first thing to go when you lose your gym motivation.

                                              It would be so easy, all you have to do is not do it. You could do literally anything else. Why not work on your bench press again. Burpees would be better than this.

                                              We know the real reason you should stick with it. You didn’t start working out just to quit, did you? 

                                              Sometimes you need some motivational quotes, and sometimes you need some funny fitness humor. 

                                              Plus, the imbalance of being a top heavy muscle machine is going to ruin your life. Plus you don’t want to end up being one of those funny pictures people pull out and stick under fitness quotes. And you certainly don’t want to be pulling muscles in your lower back, or you could be falling over all the time because you screwed up your equilibrium.

                                              23. Never Look Back

                                                Now this is just solid advice.

                                                You’re here for results, not regrets. If you spend you time looking back at the days you skipped or agonizing over how weak you used to be, then you might as well give up. 

                                                Fitness is about moving forward, and week after week you’ll see incremental progress if you’re being honest with yourself, keeping up with a healthy diet. And finishing all of your reps.

                                                Be proud of yourself, don’t wallow in shame.

                                                24. Get Strong, then Get Even

                                                  If you’re trying to get stronger your best tools are a pen and paper. 

                                                  What was your max last week? Did you put your heart into it? How tired were you? 

                                                  Tracking your progress is the best way to most effectively make progress. If you’re failing out of your reps it might be time to de-load rather than quitting.

                                                  Don’t let the dumbbells make a fool out of you. Come back next week and try harder. Come back tomorrow and try again. You can’t rush training, but you can track it and methodically chip away at it.


                                                  We’re in this Together

                                                  Never ever forget we’re all in this together. That guy that’s picking up his weights for the first time was you one day. 

                                                  That girl on the treadmill is there for the same reason you are. We’re all trying to get the most out of our bodies, and we’re all going about it the best ways we know how. 

                                                  Before you give someone a hard time about their workout plan or how low their max is, ask yourself a couple of things: “is this going to help? Do I have real advice?”

                                                  Your heart is a muscle too, and cardio can help it pump more blood, but practicing empathy will strengthen it too.

                                                  You’re worthy of respect, and so is everyone else you’re sharing this gym with. 

                                                  Muscle Meme-ory

                                                  Hopefully that was the shot in the arm you needed. Sometimes the thing you need to motivate yourself that last little bit is a good laugh. Hopefully these funny workout memes were the right kind of gym humor to get you back on your weight lifting game, lol. 

                                                  We came you the fitness motivation in the form of funny gym quotes, now get out there and finish your gym workout. Come back later for the inspirational quotes.

                                                  Now quit blocking the squat rack and bang out that last set. Your not going fitness workout without putting in the work. You know you can’t avoid it forever.