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May 07, 2021 7 min read

CrossFit has grown greatly in popularity in the last few years. One of the reasons why it has been recognized and appreciated by so many is because it is a great way to meet new people and be part of a community of like-minded individuals.

Across the U.S. these new found friends are coming together to form CrossFit teams to compete against other nearby CrossFit locations in order to challenge their strength and endurance in what is known as the CrossFit Games. Preparing for the Crossfit Games is one thing, but coming up with a great team name is another. 

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How To: Come Up With A Team Name

Your team name is the first thing your competitors are going to hear, so you want to take the time to come up with something that really packs a punch, or you may prefer to make your competition laugh to bring some laughs to the heated competition.

Group of sporty muscular people are working out in gym.

Maybe you want your team name to be inspiring. Whichever path you decided to take, here are 5 of our top tips for coming up with a team name:

1. Consider things you and your teammates have in common. For example, if you all appreciate a good pun, maybe you incorporate one into your team name. If you are a group of “tough guys,” maybe keep the team name “Bro” related.

2. Keep your team name short. If your team name is too long, it will be hard for your competitors to remember your name. Not to mention, a long team name can make for a mess on the leaderboards too if it takes up too much space.

3. For inspiration, think of things you and your team have accomplished together. Incorporate your hardwork and all that you have overcome as a team. This is a great way to keep your spirits high on competition day.

4. When in doubt, go with something funny. Everyone loves a good laugh, especially when participating in intense competitions. A funny team name helps break the ice and lift the mood. This also shows your competitors that you and your team members are not just there to win, you are there to have fun too!

5. If all else fails, there are plenty of team name generators you can utilize to come up with endless ideas. Simply do a quick Google search for a name generator and you will be well on your way to the end of your brainstorming session.

With that being said, we have come up with some ideas for you to save you the trouble of brainstorming for days, even though you can really never have too many days in a row having fun with some of your closest friends.

To get started with our list of 101 CrossFit team name ideas, let’s start with some that will get you laughing. Seriously, some of this will get you laughing out loud.

Funny CrossFit Team Name Ideas

  1. Deadlifts and Chill
  2. The Running Jokes
  3. Dumbbells and Donuts
  4. Buns and Gun
  5. Nerd Herd
  6. Run Like the Winded
  7. My So-Called Legs
  8. The Couch Potatoes
  9. The Slim Pack
  10. In WOD We Trust
  11. Posture Perfect
  12. WOD Now, Wine Later
  13. Abs By Bacon
  14. Not Fast, Just Furious
  15. Chubby No More’s
  16. The Intermediates
  17. Starvin’ Six
  18. Racks and Sacks
  19. Team Skinny Jeans
  20. Probably Gonna Walk
  21. Running Better Than The Government
  22. Burpees and Beers
  23. Worst Game of Tag Ever
  24. Will WOD for Donuts
  25. Lost Almost Everything
  26. The Cheaters

“Pun-Intended” CrossFit Team Names

  1. Hakuna Masquata
  2. Flexual Healing
  3. Oh Kale Yeah
  4. Amino Disrespect
  5. Booty and the Beast
  6. Chalk Dirty To Me
  7. Rowing Pains 
  8. Jacked in the Box
  9. Legs Miserable
  10. Cirque De Sore Legs
  11. Oh My Quad
  12. Gym and Juice
  13. Scale Tippers
  14. No Weigh
  15. Waist Removal
  16. Mission Slimpossible
  17. Fats All Folks
  18. Spongebob Slowpants
  19. Pimp My Stride
  20. Got The Runs
  21. The Dreadmills
  22. We Hate The Runs
  23. Chafing the Dream
  24. Out of My Whey
  25. 8 2 Much
  26. Belly Acres

Badass CrossFit Team Names

  1. Hustle and Muscle
  2. Ass Thrusters
  3. Buck Furpees
  4. Cross Shitters
  5. Vicious and Delicious
  6. Team Beast Mode
  7. The Hulksters
  8. Metabolism Maniacs
  9. Weapons of Mass Reduction
  10. Blood, Sweat, and Beer
  11. Ass Riders
  12. Steel Beams
  13. Demolition Team
  14. Impact Velocity
  15. Overkill
  16. Until Death Do Us Part
  17. The Brutes
  18. Mass Destruction
  19. The Double Unders
  20. The Behemoths
  21. The Hammerheads
  22. The Intimidators
  23. Training To Be A Badass
  24. The Terminators

Female CrossFit Team Names

  1. Mom Jeans and Power Cleans
  2. F-Bomb Moms
  3. Kettlebells
  4. Runs Like A Girl
  5. Beast Mode Babes
  6. Swole Sisters
  7. The Cougars
  8. Lady Guns Club
  9. Pretty Tough
  10. The She-Hulks
  11. The Fem Fitales
Group of men and women lifting weights at crossfit training at gym.

    Male CrossFit Names

    1. Swole Mates
    2. Beefcake Factory
    3. Weights Before Dates
    4. Bros in Beast Mode
    5. The WOD Fathers
    6. The Fighting Cocks
    7. Fitmen For Hire
    8. Rough Boyz
    9. Gladiators
    10. From Men To Monsters
    11. The Terminators
    12. Metal Crushers
    13. Stallions
    14. The Bulls

    In case none of those tickled your fancy, and because we are feeling generous, here are some bonus names that we feel are worthy of noting.

    Honorable Mentions

    1. Dirty Deadlifts
    2. Team Swingers
    3. Kill-O-Grams
    4. Total Hookers
    5. Ball Crushers
    6. The Sexbombs
    7. Jerk and Snatch
    8. Sweat Junkies
    9. Two Peas in WOD
    10. Booty/Gut Busters
    11. Weigh Less
    12. The Juicy Booties
    13. Better Naked
    14. Bod Squad
    15. Team All Pain, No Gain
    16. Aggressively Average
    17. The Team That Shall Not Be Named
    18. The Thinner Winners
    19. Belly Dumpers
    20. The Baconators
    21. Pair-A-Thighs Lost
    22. Team Field Good
    23. Mudder of All Hangovers
    24. Revenge of the Nerds
    25. Your Local Rejects
    26. Bad Fat Chuckers
    27. Skinny-Sized
    28. No Mo’ Junk In Da Trunk
    29. Bubble Butts
    30. Raw Nips and Chapped Lips
    31. The Losing Team
    32. Blew By You
    33. Seeking Abs
    34. Ba-Dunk-A-Dunk Busters

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    You Got The Team Name, Now What?

    Now that you’ve done the work and decided on a team name that is “just so you guys,” what is there to do next? If you feel you are ready to do what it takes to be crowned some of the fittest men and women of the world, the next thing you need to do is sign up for the CrossFit Games.

    All you have to do is visit the CrossFit Games website, log into your account, answer some simple questions and complete the registration steps provided to finish signing up. Once you have registered to participate in the Open, it's time to start preparing, both mentally and physically.

    The CrossFit Open is designed to put your mindset and your body to the ultimate test. For this reason, you need to properly prepare your physical body and your mind. Here are some tips to prevent mistakes and help you get ready to win!

    Healthy lifestyle concept with diet and fitness

    1. Eat The Right Foods: When it comes to training, your exercise routine is very important. However, so is your nutrition and diet. If you are not giving your body what it needs to recover, you are only doing your body harm. For this reason, it is important that you stick to your diet plan. No excuses.

    2. Get Good Sleep: We know getting a goodnight’s rest is easier said than done, but just like your eating habits, lack of sleep can hurt your performance and endurance, which you need a lot of to compete in the games. Set up your schedule to allow for 7-8 hours of sleep per night, especially the night before the event!

    3. Warm-ups and Cooldowns: Another big part of recovery is doing whatever you can to ensure your muscles can heal and recover properly. Allowing your muscles to warm up before a workout by doing some jumping jacks or high knees as well as giving them a good stretch after you’ve completed your exercise will go a long way towards your recovery.

    4. Prevent Injury: By performing all of the aforementioned tips, you will be taking the steps necessary to prevent injury. A common side effect of strength training and other common CrossFit exercises can be severe injury and we all know you can’t train very well when the order has prescribed a couple weeks bed rest to heal your injury that would have been easily prevented.

    5. Improve Mobility: Work on improving your range of motion. If there is one thing previous CrossFit Open’s have taught us is that the challenges that are selected will definitely test your mobility. By increasing your mobility, you are improving your chances of being able to perform at your highest ability.

    6. Build Up Cardio: Another way to increase how long you can perform at your highest ability is to build up your aerobic capacity so that you can perform better for a longer period of time and train your body to pace itself better. This is a time when quantity over quality matters.

    7. Ignore The Time: Watching the clock while performing any exercise, especially the strenuous, slow-moving movements typically chosen for the CrossFit Games, only makes it harder for you to accomplish your set. Instead, train yourself to focus on your breath and your hustle. Having control of your mind is what will get you through it, not wasting your time watching the clock move so slow it seems it may be going backward. 

    8. Take Your Protein: Ensure your body has enough protein is vital. Protein is used to heal the muscles. If you lack protein, your body will not be able to recover fully which can lead to serious injury and a major lack of endurance. A great way to add protein to your diet is using a whey protein powder.

    9. Take It Easy: Don’t overdo it. This is another way to increase your chance of injury. Additionally, you are going to want to save up your energy for the last couple seconds of your workouts during the competition. This does not mean you should stop attending your CrossFit sessions, but make sure to maintain your intensity so you can be ready for the competition.

    10. Improve Where You Lack: This may seem like an obvious one, but we recommend taking the time to do your research on the previous CrossFit Games to see what type of challenges they typically use and work on anything that you know you can perform to the best of your ability. If you are having a tough time, seek out a coach to work on your technique and form.

    And The Winning Team Is…

    In all seriousness, at the end of the day it does not matter what the team name is so long as you have fun while doing it. However, taking the time to come up with a great team name is all part of the fun. You can choose to be funny, badass, inspiring, or focused on the ladies only.

    Regardless of the name you choose, make sure you are having the best time of your life. So tell us, what is your team name going to be?