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April 04, 2023 15 min read

Tampa Bay, Florida is a great place for anyone looking to stay in shape! With its warm climate, beautiful beaches, and abundance of outdoor activities, there are plenty of ways to stay active. But if you’re looking for the best gyms in the area, look no further.

We’ve compiled a list of the top 10 gyms in Tampa Bay that offer the best amenities and services for both beginners and seasoned athletes. From full-service fitness centers to specialized training programs, these gyms have something for everyone. Read on to find out which gyms are the best in the bay!

Best 24-hour Gym

1. Crunch Fitness

Crunch Fitness Tampa's goal, from the time it first opened, was to make it a welcoming great gym for all types of people to stay active. They understand that exercise can be difficult, so they sought to make it more enjoyable by combining fitness and entertainment.

Their belief is that fitness has the power to transform lives, and they hope to provide the extra motivation needed to help people get the most out of their workouts.


4340 West Hillsborough Ave Tampa, FL 33614 (813) 605-2500

Crunch Also Has a South Tampa Facility at 4055 S Dale Mabry Hwy, Tampa, FL 33611


Tuesdays to Fridays 24 Hours, Saturdays 12 am to 7 pm, Sundays 7:00 am to 7:00 pm, Mondays 5 am to 12 pm.


What They Offer

Small Group Fitness Classes

They provide the best possible workouts, enabling you to build muscle, shed fat, or have fun listening to music.

The selection of free weights, modern machines, and advanced gear will help you reach your objectives.

Whether your desired result is to run, jog, or walk, Crunch gyms are equipped with everything you need and are kept incredibly clean.

Crunch focuses on bringing you the most powerful workouts to meet your needs, including:

  • Weighted battle ropes

  • Kettlebells

  • TRX® suspension straps\

  • MMA equipment

  • Bulgarian Bags, and more

HIITZone - High-Intensity Interval Training

The HIITZone delivers high-intensity interval training that gets the job done. It is an all-encompassing fitness program including personal training and small-group training,

Their unique, results-driven workouts torch fat, sculpt muscle, and increase metabolism, burning calories long after you stop sweating.

This multi-station unit offers a wide range of functional training options, such as

  • turf

  • free weights

  • kettlebells

  • sleds

  • tires

  • rope pull-downs

  • battle ropes

  • heavy bags

  • landmines

  • medicine balls

  • power rowers

  • monkey bars

  • TRX suspension, and more

This program is NASM-accredited. It includes 4 unique workouts of 45 minutes, with no more than 16 participants who do hundreds of exercises.

HIIT Workout Classes Offer:

AccelerateHIIT: Through high-intensity drill-based cardio exercises, you’ll torch calories and leave dripping sweat.

PunchHIIT: Get ready for a fight in this hard-hitting workout featuring moves inspired by martial arts and boxing.

StrongHIIT: Triple-round work efforts focus on control, power & strength to chisel your body while burning calories.

ExtremeHIIT: The most grueling of the 4 classes, ExtremeHIIT will push you to the max with a special course and challenge rounds at every station.

Membership options could also include Crunch+ online video workouts, Yoga, Zumba, Suspension Training, full-service locker rooms, Hydro Massage beds, tanning, and multi-club access.

Best All-in-One Family-Owned Gym

2. Bayshore Fit

Bayshore Fit is a fitness club owned by Beth and Jeff, who have a wealth of experience in fitness, nutrition, teaching, training, and living a healthy lifestyle.

They offer no long-term commitments, a pleasant ambiance, top-notch equipment, expert training, group fitness/boot camp programs, and a comfortable and non-intimidating environment to make it a sought-after local gym.

They have competed in marathons, bodybuilding competitions, and fitness competitions all over the United States.


4219 W. Gandy Blvd Tampa, FL 33611 Phone: (813) 536 5933


Mondays to Fridays 5:30 am to 8:30 pm, Saturdays 7:00 am to 6:00 pm, Sundays 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

What They Offer

1. Group Fitness

Bayshore Fit's group classes offer a wide range of options for achieving fitness goals, from functional training to modified exercises for all levels.

They offer 35+ classes per week to help members build cardio endurance, strength, flexibility, and weight management.

2. Personal Training

Bayshore Fit provides a free assessment and review by professional trainers to design a workout tailored to your individual needs and objectives.

They are there to help you reach your goals, with both individual and group training available.

3. Turf Areas

Expansive 3,000 sq ft outdoor turf, kitted out with top-notch equipment including Eleiko rigs, tires, sleds, battle ropes, and more.

Upgrade your training on the indoor turf and hone your speed, agility, power, strength, and coordination with exercises like functional training, sprints, sled pushes, and more.

4. Peloton Indoor Cycles

Jump on a Peloton bike and get away from it all with a digital workout class. With thousands of cycling classes available, you can do them whenever and however you want.

Doing so can help you lose weight, become stronger, improve your heart health, and boost your joint mobility and stamina.

5. Recovery Room

At Bayshore Fit in Tampa, the Recovery Room helps members to recover quickly, improve blood flow, decrease swelling, flush out toxins, and expand the range of their movement and suppleness.

Using their infrared sauna, people can reap the rewards of weight loss, better sleep, better circulation, more radiant skin, and relief from aches and pains while also eliminating toxins.

Best CrossFit Gym

3. Cigar City CrossFit

Cigar City CrossFit is one of the best CrossFit gyms in Tampa, with personalized fitness and nutrition plans, personal training and group classes, and open gym hours. Trainers have helped over 5,000 people lose an average of 18.5 pounds, and they provide several membership plans with quarterly reviews and coach-led small classes. They also offer a no-commitment monthly gym membership.


1703 N 24th St., Tampa, FL 33605 (813) 603-3099


Mondays to Fridays 6:30 am to 8:30 pm, Saturdays 9.30 am to 12 pm, Sundays 11 am. to 1 pm.

What They Offer

With a customized fitness and nutrition plan you'll receive:

  1. A consultation with a coach to discuss your goals.

  2. A personalized plan that is constantly measured and updated.

  3. Amazing results!

1:1 Nutrition Coaching

InBody Scan

This is a service that provides support and accountability in nutrition programs, with the goal of helping users accurately and privately measure their body composition.

It offers users a customized, structured plan based on important biometrics like Basal Metabolic Rate, providing the support and guidance needed to reach their health and fitness goals.

Fitness Program

1. Group Classes

If you are looking for a tailored routine for your fitness journey that includes muscle gain and fat loss, as well as the motivation and support of others, then meeting with a coach and joining a group class could be the right choice for you.

It is a great option for those who have struggled to stay motivated or have been injured in the past, and for those who enjoy working out with others.

2. Personal Training

If you are looking for a tailored fitness plan that meets your goals and abilities and needs accountability and support to reach your desired results, then personal training could be the right choice for you.

With at-home and virtual options available, a coach can provide guidance and expertise to help you achieve your goals, as well as prevent any potential injuries from incorrect weightlifting or gymnastic techniques.

3. Individual Design

If you are looking for guidance to help you reach your fitness goals, a coach can provide you with a personalized plan that will help you overcome weaknesses, stay motivated, and prevent injuries.

With the support of a coach and a tailored plan, you can achieve your goals and avoid boredom or injury. Additionally, you can benefit from daily accountability, ensuring that your workout results are up to par.

Best Gym for Group Training

4. Orangetheory Fitness

Orangetheory Fitness is a fitness program that combines science, coaching, and technology to help people achieve their fitness goals.

Unlike High-Intensity Interval Training, Orangetheory is a heart rate-based interval training program. It has five heart rate zones designed to optimize metabolism, resulting in increased caloric burn, greater results, and improved confidence.


140 S Meridian Avenue, Channelside, Tampa, FL 33602 (813) 513-9845


Mondays to Fridays 5 am to 9 pm, Saturdays 7 am to 2:45 pm, Sundays 7:30 am. to 4:30 pm.

What They Offer

Orangetheory is more than just a gym, it provides people with the tools they need to make a difference in their lives.

Orangetheory Fitness is a one-hour, full-body workout that uses Heart Rate-Based Interval Training to maximize calorie burning.

Classes are led by experienced coaches who tailor the intensity to the individual's heart rate zone. Each class includes rowing, cardio, and strength training, and two to four workouts are recommended each week.

Orangetheory Fitness Program

1. Rowing: This low-impact workout uses 85% of your body's muscles, helping you build endurance, strength, and power.

2. Cardio: Choose from a range of activities such as walking, jogging, running, biking, and striding, all based on your own fitness level.

3. Strength Training: Daily weight and floor exercises targeted at different muscles, with options available for those with injuries or limitations.

Get The App

The Orangetheory Fitness App allows users to access classes from multiple studios, view detailed workout summaries, set up challenges and benchmarks, track body composition metrics, and keep track of their out-of-studio workouts.

Memberships are month-to-month, with four different levels to choose from.

You can purchase class packages or sign up for a limited or unlimited number of classes each month.

With nationwide studio access, Orangetheory is a great choice for those looking for a challenging and effective fitness program.

Results or Money Back

Orangetheory Fitness is so confident that you will love your experience that they offer a money-back guarantee. If you don't feel like you're living a healthier and happier life after taking 12 classes during your first 30 days, you can get all your money back. The first class is free, so you have nothing to lose.

Best Personal Trainer

5. Fitness Rx Tampa Personal Training

FitnessRX Tampa offers NASM Certified Personal Trainer Craig Chapin to help people reach their fitness goals. Craig provides personalized training plans tailored to individual needs, whether it's to build muscle, lose weight, increase strength, or just feel healthier.


4539 S. Dale Mabry Highway Suite 100 Tampa, FL 33611 (813) 812-5818


Mondays to Fridays 5:30 am to 6 pm, Saturdays 10 am to 6 pm, Sundays Closed

Personal Trainer Tampa Bay

What Craig Chapin Offers

The personal training packages below are great programs for new clients and clients who want to lose weight or get in shape

1. Single Session:

Booking a single session is a great way to experience personal training and your first session is free.

If you want to bring a friend, buddy session pricing is also available.

2. Jump to Start Package:

The purchase of a “Get Started Package” with Craig Chapin will provide 12 private sessions with him.

Craig believes if you commit to 3 sessions per week over 4 weeks, it can become a habit and help you to reach your goal of losing weight.

3. Head Start Package:

This package of 24 sessions with Fitness RX Tampa offers a great opportunity to get a head start in your training.

Working out regularly with Craig will help you become stronger and healthier in a short amount of time.

4. Transformation Package:

This “Transformation Package” includes 36 sessions that can help you reach your fitness goals and transform your body

It can help you get in shape for special events such as a reunion or wedding and can help you lose an average of 15 pounds in 6 weeks.

5. Post-Pregnancy Workout Plan:

Craig Chapin's Transformation Package provides a 12-week post-pregnancy workout, training, and nutrition plan to help moms get back into shape.

The program includes 3-4 training sessions each week with circuit training and core exercises, as well as special nutritional planning and postnatal stretching tips.

Best All-Women Personal Trainer Service

6. Wise Women Fitness

Wise Women Fitness is a women-only gym and fitness studio in Tampa that offers personalized services and programs such as senior fitness, pre, and post-rehab exercises, menopausal programs, nutritional analysis, and meal planning.

It also features the Pink Ribbon Program, a certified post-surgical exercise therapy program for breast cancer survivors. Since 2013, Wise Women Fitness has been providing supportive and tailored services to benefit the wellness of its members.


3311 South West Shore Boulevard, Tampa, FL 33629 (813) 310-2628


Mondays to Thursdays 6:30 am to 7 pm, Fridays 6:30 am to 1:30 pm, Saturdays & Sundays Closed

What They Offer

1. Personal Training

Wise Women Fitness is a private women's fitness studio and community that is dedicated to educating, motivating, and supporting women to achieve their health and fitness goals.

They emphasize the importance of reclaiming vitality, energy, and well-being, and believe that beauty is about radiating joy and health at any age.

They provide a safe and supportive environment where women can get strong and stay healthy.

Wise Women Fitness is a studio that offers a welcoming and supportive atmosphere, with high-energy trainers and staff to help you get the most out of your workouts.

Whatever your fitness goals are, Wise Women Fitness has everything you need to help you reach them.

Popular Wise Women Fitness equipment includes:

  • Treadmill

  • Elliptical

  • Stationary Bike

  • Kettlebells

  • Free Weights & Barbells

  • Suspension Trainers

  • Resistance Bands

  • Medicine Balls, and more

2. Pink Ribbon Program

Don’t just survive, thrive!

The Pink Ribbon Program is a certified, post-surgical exercise therapy program designed to help breast cancer survivors regain movement, return to day-to-day activities, and feel a sense of well-being after diagnosis and post-surgery.

It was created by a woman for women, providing rehabilitation and recovery support that is often missing in the treatment of breast cancer.

The Pink Ribbon Program’s Goals include:

  • Regain Strength and Mobility in Affected Shoulder and Arm

  • Promote Lymphatic Drainage, Help to Prevent Lymphedema

  • Improve Functional Ability & Quality of Life

  • Enhance and Restore Energy Levels

  • Assist in Restoring Posture

  • Decrease Stress and Anxiety

  • Alleviate Pain and Swelling

3. Senior Fitness

Wise Women Fitness members receive the following:

  • Specialized, pre- and post-rehab exercise programming.

  • The Pink Ribbon Program- a certified post-rehab breast cancer exercise program.

  • Customized private, small group personal training and fitness classes.

  • Customized fitness and health for menopausal and post-menopausal women.

  • Nutritional analysis and meal planning guidance.

Best MMA Gym For All Ages

7. Gracie PAC MMA

Gracie PAC is a unique MMA gym with a focus on providing kids, teens, and adults with martial arts, kickboxing, and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu programs that help improve their overall physical and mental strength.


5040 W Linebaugh Ave, Tampa, FL 33624 (813) 244-1293


Mondays, Wednesdays, & Fridays 9 am to 9 pm, Tuesdays, Thursdays & Saturdays 9 am to 12 pm, Sundays Closed

At Tampa's largest MMA academy, children and teens learn the importance of hard work and gain lasting confidence.

Adults, likewise, can benefit from the gym's supportive atmosphere and learn valuable self-defense skills while building muscle.

What They Offer

1. MMA for Kids

The martial arts classes for kids combine exercise and fun to help children develop both their physical and mental abilities.

Through activities, games, and drills, children learn the importance of physical activity for health and well-being and develop the physical habits necessary for healthy adulthood.

In addition, the classes teach children to respect and have self-discipline, to be able to identify and handle potentially dangerous situations without resorting to violence.

2. MMA for Teens

Teenagers are intelligent individuals capable of facing many challenges, but they can also be their own worst enemies.

Navigating peer pressure, rebelling against their parents, and dealing with hormones can be challenging

Martial arts classes are a great way to help teens learn how to control their emotions, practice respect, and persist in their goals.

Through the physical and mental challenges of martial arts, teenagers can have a fun and social outlet to express their frustrations.

Martial arts provide a rewarding and exciting experience that can rival any video game.

3. MMA for Adults

Adult Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) is a great way to challenge both the body and mind.

It is a full-body workout that tones muscles, burns fat, and increases strength, endurance, and flexibility.

Professional athletes have used MMA to hone their physical and mental skills, and now it is available to everyone.

MMA is a fun and supportive environment where people can burn calories and strive to do their best.

4. BJJ Program

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is an excellent way to improve physical fitness and build muscle, regardless of age.

It combines cardiovascular exercise with strength training, providing a comprehensive workout that tests and challenges the body.

BJJ also helps with weight loss, while increasing muscle mass and general physical fitness.

Best Rock-Climbing Gym

8. Vertical Ventures

Vertical Ventures is Florida's first indoor rock-climbing gym with 24 years of history and two locations, one in Tampa and one in St. Petersburg, 23 miles away.

With over 6,000 square feet of climbing space, there are challenging boulder problems and top-roped routes that change regularly to cater to all levels.

They offer daily admission, punch cards, gear rentals, and monthly or annual memberships.

Climbing classes are available and personal coaching can also be booked.


5402 Pioneer Park Blvd Suite E, Tampa, FL 33634 (727) 304-6290


Mondays 4 pm to 10 pm, Tuesdays to Thursdays 10 am to 10 pm, Fridays 10 am to 12 pm, Saturdays 10 am to 10 pm, Sundays 10 am to 6 pm.

What They Offer

1. Members can Book a Belayer

Booking a belayer is a great way to get the most out of your climbing session.

Experienced belayers will handle the ropes for you, provide encouragement, and get you climbing on top-rope stations with routes catered to all skill levels.

Vertical Ventures' talented route setters also set new routes on a weekly rotational schedule, allowing plenty of time to try tricky routes and experience fresh new routes to flash.

Valuable training is also available from experienced trainers for both beginners and advanced climbers.

2. Elevate While You Celebrate

Events at Vertical Ventures will have your guests climbing the walls and reaching new heights.

Vertical Venues will make your event memorable.

The 20,000-square-foot facility is perfect for hosting celebrations and events like:

  • Birthday Parties

  • Youth Groups

  • Bar/Bat Mitzvah

  • Corporate Meetings

  • Team Building

  • Non-profit Organizations

  • Sports Teams

  • Friends Night Out

  • And Much More!

3. Vanguard Youth Program

Vanguard is a youth program that focuses on developing confident and skilled rock climbers who value integrity, humility, teamwork, and respect.

Through its Rock-Climbing Camps, which run during summer, winter, and spring break in St. Petersburg, kids have the opportunity to climb 40' high walls, challenge themselves, build friendships, and learn important life skills in an encouraging environment.

All levels of climbers, from beginner to advanced, are welcome.

4. OFF THE WALL Fitness Training

Members have exclusive access to the fitness training area to warm up, cool down, or get a full-body workout.

Fitness Equipment Available
  • Treadmills

  • Assault Bikes

  • Free Weights

  • Rowers

  • Battle Ropes

  • Kettlebells

  • Skiers

  • Weight Racks

Climbing Intensive Training Equipment
  • Hang Boards

  • Campus Boards

  • Tension Boards

5. Membership Benefits

Vertical Ventures Membership is more than just joining a gym, you’re joining our vibrant climbing community.

The all-in-one Climbing, Fitness & Yoga membership is packed with awesome benefits. Information is available on request.

Best Athletic Club Gym with Boxing & Sauna

9. Powerhouse Gym Athletic Club/Tampa Fitness Center with Boxing & Sauna

Powerhouse Gym is a massive 50,000-square-foot fitness center focused on one-on-one service. The gym has several programs designed to help you reach peak fitness and health, including personal training, nutrition, performance training, and competition prep.


Powerhouse Gym Athletic Club, 3251-A W Hillsborough Ave, Tampa, FL 33614 (813) 875-1600


Mondays to Fridays 5 am to 12 am, Saturdays and Sundays 7 am to 9 pm

What they Offer

1. Cardio Kickboxing

Powerhouse Gym Athletic Club memberships include free 60-minute cardio kickboxing classes which will focus on hand-eye coordination, reflex speed, footwork, mechanics, and overall conditioning.

Participants are required to bring their own bag gloves or hand wraps, which are available for purchase at the front desk. Join this challenging class and get in shape!

2. Performance Training

Powerhouse Gym offers a comprehensive 12-point biomechanical assessment for clients that is captured on video.

After the assessment, a coach will go over the results with the client and explain how corrections can be made to ensure a more functional training program.

A personalized program tailored to the client's goals and abilities is then created, utilizing the SECA Body Composition Scanner as a tool.

3. The Trench Academy

The Trench Academy is a performance training program for all ages, focused on building character and preparing athletes for success on and off the field.

Through a variety of football-focused programs, athletes are provided the opportunity to develop their physical strength and mental game, aiming to reach their peak performance and establish a career in the football trenches.

4. Personal Trainers

The Powerhouse trainers are very knowledgeable, with many of them alumni of universities nearby with degrees in health science, nutrition, exercise science, and kinesiology.

Before any training gets started, our trainers will have you fill out an individualized profile.

Additionally, they will assess your performance on a few exercises and perform some biomechanical tests.

Together, you and the trainer will go over the assessment and create a tailored plan for you.

Nutrition Consultants will spend approximately 45 minutes compiling an inventory of the individual needs of new members, after which a Licensed Dietitian will prepare what’s best for you.

Best Boxing Club

10. Tampa City Boxing

Tampa City Boxing, founded by professional boxer Omar Albanil, offers boxing classes to teach members the fundamentals and techniques of boxing, as well as physical conditioning and self-defense.


4435 N Lauber Way, Tampa, FL 33614 (813) 817-4014


Mondays to Fridays 6 to 12 am & 5 to 9 pm, Saturdays 10 am to 12 pm, Sundays Closed

What they Offer

The facility is equipped with a 2,000-square-foot open gym, a boxing ring, speed bags, and conditioning equipment.

Monthly membership is available and new members can take advantage of a free class.

More Than a Boxing Club

TCB offers a comprehensive boxing program that caters to students of all skill levels.

Professional boxing coaches provide instruction on the fundamentals of boxing and guide members in technique, self-defense, and physical conditioning.

Classes are suitable for all experience levels, from beginners to pros, and those who wish to compete or simply learn the sport.

Non-contact boxing is also available. All that's required is a desire to learn and the discipline to do so.

Boxing Conditioning

This boxing instruction class is designed to prepare participants for any challenge they may face in the sport.

It focuses on high-intensity core training, boxing drills, and speed/agility exercises for improved lean muscle, weight loss, increased endurance, strength, and speed.

Open Gym

TCB provides a 2,000-sq. ft. professional boxing gym with an 18'x18' boxing ring.

EVA shock-absorbing padded floors, and a variety of bags, such as heavy, uppercut, double-end, and speed bags.

The gym also offers conditioning equipment including TRX trainers, slam balls, medicine balls, dumbbells, and kettlebells.

Members of TCB can benefit from improved stamina, boxing IQ, and confidence.