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January 25, 2023 25 min read

San Diego is known for its beautiful beaches, amazing weather, and endless outdoor activities. But if you're searching for a place to get your workout on, you're in luck! With its vibrant fitness scene, San Diego has plenty of gyms to choose from.

Whether you're looking for a place to lift weights, take a yoga class, or join a CrossFit program, there's something for everyone. To help you find the perfect gym for your needs, we've rounded up the 10 best gyms in San Diego. From top-notch amenities to convenient locations, these gyms have it all. So, grab your gym bag and get ready to sweat!

San Diego Map - Image from Shutterstock

1. Best All-in-One Affordable Gym in San Diego

Chuze Fitness

1233 Camino Del Rio S, San Diego, CA 92108

No matter your health, strength, or activity level, you deserve a gym that is friendly, clean, and well-equipped, with all the classes you want and the atmosphere of a high-end club at an affordable price. Chuze is dedicated to providing this kind of fitness experience to everyone because they believe that everyone should have access to a great gym.

Chuze Group Fitness Classes

Cross-training workouts are unbeatable for improving physical fitness and overall strength. Group training at the budget-friendly Chuze gym will make you love it (or at least appreciate the challenging workout).

  1. Unlimited Team Training – Having a coach guide you in a HIIT training program with a small group of peers can help to increase your motivation. Chuze is an affordable gym that offers unlimited HIIT sessions for anyone—whether you are a serious athlete or just getting back into a fitness routine for weight loss or cardiovascular health.

  2. Circuit Training Classes – Nobody is saying that you cannot get an effective workout done in only 30 minutes; circuit training is an optimal exercise option for those with tight time constraints, like during a lunch break or early in the morning.

  3. Cardio Classes  Chuze has a variety of machines such as treadmills, ellipticals, cycles, and more that are designed to keep your workout interesting.

  4. Mat Pilates Classes  Improve the strength and size of your muscles all over your body by learning to strengthen and employ your core muscles.

  5. Yoga Classes  Chuze provides budget-friendly yoga that will really get you going! You'll be put through a range of Vinyasa-inspired postures, some tough upper-body, lower-body, and core-based moves designed to really push your abilities.

  6. Zumba Classes  This class incorporates Latin beats and simple movements to create an intense, calorie-burning, full-body dance workout. Interval training with both fast and slower paces is used to shape and strengthen the body.

  7. Les Mills Body Pump Classes  BODYPUMP is a total body exercise program that utilizes light to moderate weights with a high number of repetitions, guided by instructors who provide tips and motivation through scientifically approved moves and music to help you reach greater results than you would on your own.

  8. Les Mills Body Combat Classes  BODYCOMBAT is a cardio exercise that takes inspiration from mixed martial arts. It's a 50-minute session focused on improving core strength, stability, and self-assurance.

  9. Tone & Sculpt Classes  These workouts include a combination of free weights, resistance bands, medicine, and physio balls, as well as body weight exercises to target and strengthen all your major muscle groups, such as those used in core conditioning.

Chuze Amenities

  • Turf Area  You'll find all the equipment you need to get your endorphins pumping here, from agility ladders to plyo boxes and TRX straps to heavy balls and battle ropes.

  • Free Weights  Whether you’re working on muscle endurance or seriously stepping up your strength, step right up. You’ll find dumbbells, benches, curl bars, Smith machines, and more.

  • Infrared Sauna  Chuze fitness centers provide infrared saunas which allow you to experience the same health advantages as regular saunas, without the need for high levels of humidity or moisture. An infrared sauna uses light to produce a temperature that is comfortable for your body. A dry sauna (dry heat) can assist in providing therapeutic benefits such as improving circulation. Utilizing an infrared sauna can aid with post-workout recovery and help you prepare for your next workout session

  • HydroMassage™  Many people have signed up for Chuze due to the unlimited access to the hydro massage granted by the Premium and MORE memberships. After a good workout, nothing can beat the feeling of a massage in one's own private hydro room.

  • Locker Rooms  Instead of having to get in your car all sweaty after an exercise session at the studio, why not try Chuze fitness center, with its clean showers, changing rooms, and lockers?

  • Tanning  Indoor tanning can make sure you get enough vitamin D, allowing you to obtain the same health perks as you would with outdoor tanning.

Chuze Membership Options

Chuze Fitness offers three membership plans with more benefits as they go up in price, varying from one location to the next.

  1. Chuze Fitness Basic Plan at a very low price.

  2. Chuze Fitness Premium Plan.

  3. Chuze Fitness More Plan

  4. Chuze Fitness has launched the “Chuze fitness App”, to intensify their members’ skills and optimize their workouts.

Hours: Mondays  Thursdays 5 am  12 am, Fridays 5 am  9 pm, Saturdays and Sundays 6 am  8 pm

2. Best 24-Hour Gym with Childcare

EōS Fitness  Sports Arena

3156 Sports Arena Blvd, San Diego, CA 92110

A gym with childcare like EōS Fitness Sports Arena, San Diego is an invaluable resource for busy parents. With on-site childcare, parents can have peace of mind knowing their children are being well taken care of while they get a workout in. Additionally, parents can take advantage of the convenience of having their children nearby, allowing them to easily transition between their gym sessions and taking care of their children.

EōS Fitness Membership

EōS Fitness gives its members the best 24/7 fitness experience for an affordable price. Membership fees start at under $20 per month and include access to top-tier exercise equipment such as cardio machines, strength machines, and free weights.

Plus, for a slightly higher cost, members can upgrade their membership to gain access to other EōS facilities, as well as a selection of group fitness classes and pool, hot tub, and sauna amenities.

The expertise of the EōS personal trainers includes Anti-Aging/Prehab, Post-Injury Rehab, Bodybuilding, High Intensity/Weight Loss/Fat Burning, Sports Specific Training, Strength-based training, and more.

EōS Group Fitness

If you're seeking to add some variety to your gym workouts, EōS Fitness is the answer. From their broad selection of group fitness classes, you'll be able to achieve your fitness objectives and have a blast doing it. With over 60 different types of classes available at most locations, you can easily find something new and exciting. Online workouts are also offered.

Strength & Core  Increase and develop lean muscle with motivating classes that involve weights, barbells, bodyweight exercises, and core exercises to attain a healthy and strong physique.

  • Just Cardio – These heart-pumping cardio classes are high-intensity workouts designed to improve aerobic fitness and burn maximum calories.

  • Strength & Cardio – Be prepared to break a sweat during classes that include intense strength training and rigorous cardio activities designed to boost your overall fitness.

Mind, Body & Stretch  Take the time to incorporate different relaxation practices such as meditation and stretching into your routine to promote mental clarity, physical strength, and a sense of serenity. Classes include Yoga, Foam Roller, Pilates, PIYO, and Tai Chi, exclusively and in combination.

Dance Fitness  Get fit while having fun dancing, aka 'dancemania.' From hip-hop to hula, these classes offer an enjoyable way to stay active. Dance styles include pop, rock, hip-hop, belly dance, soul clap, Plyojam, Retro Hot Fusion, Charleston, Hula, and Zumba.

Group Cycling  Hop on a bicycle for exercise that will burn calories, reduce fat, and boost your endorphin levels. Energetic music will encourage you to go beyond your limits and push yourself to the max.

Water Fitness  Dive into an effective exercise routine that is easy on your body but still provides a workout for your muscles and cardiovascular fitness. Water activities are a great option for all ages and a great way to stay fit without being too hard on your joints. There are several options, such as H2O Zumba, Barre, Yoga, HIIT, Cardio, and more.

BOOTIE CAMP BOXING™  This 60-min workout combines the intensity of martial arts, boot camp drills, and boxing with the relaxation of power yoga to create an exciting workout for those who are serious about their exercise and for those who are just starting out.

Child at gym - Image from Shutterstock

EōS Amenities

Along with already mentioned Group Fitness Classes, Swimming Pool, and Cycle Studios, additional amenities include:

  • Cutting Edge Strength Equipment and powerlifting stations, and free weights up to 150 lbs.

  • Massive Variety of Cardio – Increase your heart rate and stay encouraged by using a variety of cardio machines, including treadmills with separate TVs, ellipticals, stair climbers, rowers, cross trainers, bikes, and more!

  • Turf Yard – Take your functional training to the next level by mixing up your routine with sled pushes and battle ropes. Push yourself to the extreme with box jumps or be inventive on the rig. Whatever your intensity, The EōS Yard® has it all.

  • Certified Personal Trainers – Get hands-on customized assistance in achieving your fitness goals with EōS Certified Personal Trainers.

  • Cardio with TVs – Make your cardio workout even more enjoyable by customizing the viewing screen. You can select from a wide range of entertainment channels and plug in your headphones to really get into it.

  • Flite Zone – Running short on time and need a quick workout? Flite Zone: a 20-minute circuit that focuses on your major muscles is just what you require.

  • Locker Rooms with Showers – Your initial and final destination at EōS will be the spotless and roomy locker rooms for day use, which come stocked with loads of towels, as well as individual shower cubicle changing areas.

  • His/Hers Sauna – Sweat toxins away, relax your muscles, and enjoy the exclusive advantages of the sauna with Himalayan salt.

  • Hot Tub  After a strenuous workout, sink into a hot tub and ease your sore muscles with the therapeutic benefits of hot water and targeted water jets.

  • MOVEōS Cinema – You'll have a great time in the MOVEōS Cinema cardio room! Not only will you get a good workout in, but you'll be surrounded by an exciting atmosphere with a big screen, surround sound, and mood lighting.

  • Towel Service – Don't let perspiration hinder your exercise. Take advantage of the EōS Towel Service, which offers an unlimited supply of clean, cozy towels from convenient dispensers.

  • Steam room  The steam room can aid in cleansing the body and promoting better blood flow, both for recovering from physical activity or just unwinding.

  • Pool  If you want gentle exercise or just a way to cool down, the indoor lap pools are perfect!

  • Recovery Room  It is essential to take the necessary steps to reach your physical objectives. Make sure to give your body the attention it needs with water-based massage beds.

  • Kids' Club  EōS Kids' Club is an exciting place for children aged from 6 months to 12 years old, featuring a variety of activities, such as games, jungle gyms, mini basketball courts, and movie theaters.

3. Best Gym with Spa in San Diego

AquaVie Fitness  Wellness Club

234 Broadway, San Diego, CA

AquaVie is a modern four-story health and wellness facility that offers 40,000 square feet of the best quality equipment for physical exercise, aerobic activity, and bodybuilding.

Two special group exercise areas provide guidance in activities like fitness, core, yoga, and more.

AquaVie Group Classes

The trainers at AquaVie recognize that wellness is more than just an idea or a quick fix; it's the harmonious combination of all bodily functions. As a result, their instructors work hard to tailor the AquaVie fitness experience to each person's needs.

Below is a list of the gym classes you can join at AquaVie.

  • Yoga  All Levels

  • YogaFit

  • Candlelit Yoga

  • Dhurva Yoga

  • Barre

  • PilatesFlow

  • Total Body Sculpt

  • Zumba

  • HIIT Strength Training

  • HIIT High-Intensity Interval Training

  • Inset TVs will keep you entertained while you work out or relax.

  • Poolside Classes

  • Poolside Vinyasa

  • Spin Strength Core

  • Master Swim

AquaVie Personal Trainers

Whether you're unfamiliar with the gym or an experienced gym-goer, it's a good idea to get a personal trainer. They are available to AquaVie members.


AquaVie offers over 200 different state-of-the-art pieces of cardio and strength equipment to create a personalized workout routine.

AquaVie Rooftop

Take advantage of the Junior-Olympic-sized lap pool, comfortable lounge area, and hot tub situated on the 15,000-square-foot fourth level. Furthermore, the rooftop has three individual studios, other fitness machines, as well as spin and yoga classes. Plus, the pool area has food and beverage service and free Wi-Fi available.

A running track with a circumference of one-tenth of a mile is also located on the roof, surrounding a lap pool and providing a breathtaking view of San Diego's downtown area.

Full-Service Locker Room

The locker rooms have a steam room, a spacious dry sauna, individual showers with glass walls, keyless lockers, TVs set into the walls, and full-length mirrors.

AquaVie Spa

AquaVie Spa provides a modern and lavish escape that features the best skin and body treatments to nourish, cleanse and bring equilibrium. Take a break to relax, take care of yourself and find some inner tranquility in a setting completely devoted to you.

AquaVie Amenities

Below is a list of the AquaVie Amenities.

  • Cardio, Core, Yoga, HIIT, Barre, Spin + Swim Group Classes

  • 200+ Cardio & Strength Machines

  • Heated Rooftop Pool

  • Hot Tub

  • Towel Service

  • Luxurious Locker Rooms

  • Keyless Lockers

  • Steam & Sauna Facilities

  • Pool Deck Food & Beverage Service

  • Experienced Instructors

  • Personal Trainers

  • Running Track

  • Full-service Spa

  • Laundry Service

  • Free Wi-Fi

  • Inset TVs

  • Valet Parking

Note that some amenities depend on the membership plan you choose.

AquaVie Membership

AquaVie offers several membership plans to assist you in achieving your fitness and well-being objectives. Aside from their fitness packages, AquaVie Spa provides an extensive selection of beauty and wellness treatments to give you a comprehensive well-being experience. A four-level AquaVie membership plan has been crafted to provide a distinct atmosphere and improve your mental, physical, and spiritual health.

Hours: Fitness Club & Pool  Mondays – Fridays: 5 am – 10 pm, Saturdays & Sundays: 7 am – 7 pm

Spa sessions by appointment only.

4. San Diego's #1 Voted Gym with a Bootcamp

NXPT Fitness

San Diego  5150 Murphy Canyon Rd. San Diego, CA 92111

La Mesa & yogaXspin  7450 University Ave., La Mesa Ca 91942

At NXPT Fitness, trainers, members, and staff are united, working together to support every member. During each class, certified instructors demonstrate their expertise, setting an example and motivating those around them. Every Trainer has a unique background, honed through experience, and backed up with proven results and qualifications.

NXPT's goal is to provide programs and workouts for people of all fitness levels and backgrounds, from those just starting out to experienced athletes. Whether you're trying to lose weight, get ready for a wedding, or compete in Iron Man competitions, the programming can help you achieve your goal. NXPT’s mission is to motivate and inspire people to reach their full potential.

NXPT Kearny Mesa Location

Group classes

NXPT Fitness programming can benefit anyone from those wanting to lose weight to those looking to compete at the highest level. It offers a wide range of services, such as military entrance preparation, wedding preparation, sport-specific training, 5k/13.1/26.2 race preparation, and obstacle course racing (OCR). All of their classes are conducted in timed intervals, which makes them accessible to participants at any level, from beginners to experts. NXPT classes will help you reach any fitness goal you set.

NXPT Weight Room Workouts

Group classes provide a variety of content and are constantly changing; however, you may want to focus on particular skills that don't necessarily get addressed during the class. A separate weight room offers the following for members to supplement classes:

  • Spot Training

  • Isolation and focused movements

  • Work your weaknesses

  • Stretch and do accessory work

  • Spend time pumping iron

Kids Room

It can be difficult to manage a fitness routine while taking care of young kids. NXPT's Kearny Mesa branch is prepared with a children's room that includes Wi-Fi, TVs with streaming services like Netflix, Disney+, and Amazon, desks for homework, and toys for the little ones.

​FIT3D Scan

Fit 3D is the newest form of body composition testing available, and NXPT is an accredited facility that provides it.

Scan Includes:

  1. Full Body Composition Test

  2. Balance Test

  3. Full Posture Analysis

  4. Full Body Inch Measurements

  5. BMR Calculation

  6. 3D Imaging of the Body


NXPT Fitness offers corporate packages to Offices, Workplaces, Buildings, and Events to help build communities, and enhance morale, employee health, and overall productivity.​ Programs include Yoga and Functional Training.

Wedding Parties

For over 10 years, NXPT has been aiding brides, grooms, and wedding groups to experience real outcomes for their big day. They offer 6 weeks of intense training to get you in shape for your wedding.

NXPT La Mesa Location

The following workouts are offered here:

Yoga X Spin  30 Hot Yoga Classes each week combined with Spin Cycle Classes.

Cross Training  The highest level of Cross Training Classes is offered in 60+ classes per week, including:

  • Dynamic Workouts

  • Well Rounded Workouts

  • Timed Interval Training

  • Circuit Training

  • Youth Training

The Following Classes can be Booked at yogaXspin :
HPF – Hot Power Fusion Heated

A combination of heated yoga postures with a focus on extended holds and mindful breathing is ideal for aiding recovery, decreasing stress, and providing an opportunity to relax after a busy week.

Hatha Flow Yoga @ VIVE

Paying attention to the shape of the poses and the proper way to do them, spending more time in each pose, and moving more slowly between them with an emphasis on deep stretching.

Hatha Flow Yoga @ VIVE

Paying attention to the shape of the poses and the proper way to do them, spending more time in each pose, and moving more slowly between them with an emphasis on deep stretching.


High Energy, Great Music, 45 Minute Cycling class led by San Diego's #1 instructors

X45 Workout

High-Intensity workouts incorporating a range of exercises with different equipment, structured as a circuit and adjusted to suit each person's fitness level, are designed to meet any goal, no matter the ability.

X45 Workout @ VIVE

Located in the VIVE ON THE PARK Training Center. 45 Minutes of Circuit Style Interval Training. Using Weight Lifting, Cardio, Functional Exercises, and all the best equipment available.

Power Sculpt Yoga

Combine heat, pulses, holds, and weights, for a unique stretch and burn class to sculpt your body and move forward in your health.

Heated Vinyasa Flow

Breathe to movement yoga in a 115 F degree heated room. Sweat and flow with intention in the YogaX space.

Zumba Fitness

An aerobic fitness program featuring movements inspired by various styles of Latin American dance and performed primarily to Latin American dance music.

X30 Workout

This class is 30 minutes of any type of layout from circuit training, to a high-intensity, constantly varied, cross-training class.

Heated Mobility

Develop Flexibility. Establish a Range of Motion for Overhead, Cross Lateral, and well-rounded movements.

Yin Yoga

Floor-based stretches, conscious breathing, and extended poses. It is designed to target the connective tissue in the body, including the ligaments, tendons, and fascia, while also providing benefits to the deeper layers of the body, heart, and mind.

NXPT Amenities

Men & Women Locker Rooms Equip with:

  • Showers

  • Lockers

  • Sauna

NXPT Membership

Several options include limited or unlimited Bootcamp, Spin, or Yoga individually or combinations of two or three disciplines. Memberships cover both NXPT Fitness Locations. Members also have access to the NXPT app for online workouts.

5. Best Luxury Gym in San Diego

FIT Athletic Club & Gym

East Village Location: 350 Tenth Ave, San Diego, CA 92101, United States

Fit Athletics stands out in San Diego year after year due to its oasis-like atmosphere, a culture that motivates and supports total health, and all the equipment and instructions to help you accomplish fantastic results.

If you strive to achieve excellence in all of your endeavors, you could opt for Fit and its variety of features. At Fit, you can find everything you need to reach your physical and mental health goals, take a break from the daily hustle, or even make new friends and attend exciting social activities. Fit provides you with a range of luxurious services, a well-stocked health & wellness café, and monthly parties  all of which add to why people choose Fit Athletic Club & Gym to restore and revitalize.

FIT Amenities and Classes

Stretching Area

The stretching area at Fit is an ideal spot for loosening up before or after a workout, doing abdominal exercises, increasing flexibility, or honing balance through static yoga poses.

Cross Training Studio 

Participate in a class guided by professionals, exercise together with your friends, or vary your everyday routine with countless exercise variations in Fit's advanced cross-training facility.

Punching Bags

Fit's solid punching bags are perfect for cardio workouts that focus on your upper body or if you want to act like a ninja in the kickboxing classes, which join together strength and cardio into a single intense workout for maximum results.

Indoor Cycling Room

Test your physical strength by joining one of the indoor cycling sessions at Fit's modern cycling center. Professional spin instructors will lead you through an intense session on the best bicycles available.

Group Exercise Room

The group exercise room at Fit is full of natural light and has the most up-to-date fitness equipment, making it ideal for an energizing group workout.

Yoga Room

With soft lighting, high ceilings, and soundproof walls, it’s not difficult to find your center in the yoga room. The carefully designed, softly lit beautiful space provides tranquility and a peaceful environment for healing as you challenge your core under the guidance of expert yoga, stretching, Pilates, and meditation instructors.

FIT Membership

Members of Fit Athletic also have access to a member lounge, pool parties, pool and sun deck, gatherings around the outdoor fire pit, and more. However, membership options vary, and access to amenities and classes depends on the membership option you choose.

6. Best Personal Trainers for Muscle Building

Iron Orr Fitness

8720 Costa Verde Blvd, San Diego, CA

At Iron Orr you will get precisely what you expect from personal trainers -- It’s all about YOU! Before anything else, the highly trained professionals will create a workout plan designed to suit your unique needs, based on your lifestyle, your goal, and your ability. The hard work that follows is made easier through ongoing motivation and education during personalized sessions with enough variety to avoid boredom.

About the Iron Orr Gym

The facility is held up to the Iron Orr Fitness Gold Standard. It sports the same Mondo Floor as used in multiple Olympic and NFL weight rooms. Equipment includes Touchscreen Treadmills, Intek Dumbbells (up to 150lbs), Olympic Lifting Platforms, and top-of-the-line Swiss and Medicine Balls. Indoor and outdoor workout areas are equipped with TRx, Hammers, Ropework, Tires, and more. New machines and workout areas are constantly added to fulfill your workout needs.

Iron Orr Trainers

The trainers and instructors at Iron Orr have Bachelor’s degrees in exercise science, kinesiology, and Industry certifications acquired through years of real-world experience and proven techniques.

Their expertise includes:

  • Certified Personal Trainers

  • Certified Strength & Conditioning Trainers

  • Strength & Conditioning, Body Recomp & Muscle Gain Expert

  • Fat Loss & Body Recomp Expert

  • Certified Body Recovery Expert

  • Master Trainer & Corrective Exercise Specialist

  • Muscle Gain and Body Recomp Expert

  • Fat Loss & Muscle Gain Expert


Iron Orr personal trainers have positive attitudes, and they are friendly and supportive in helping you to achieve your goals. Male and female trainers are highly educated and capable to help you feel comfortable.

Iron Orr Services

Members of Iron Orr will soon understand why this gym received the 2022 award for the best personal trainers in San Diego. Below is a summary of the services they offer.

  1. Fat Loss  Customized and sustainable programs are created for each client's unique body, lifestyle, and culture.

  2. Muscle Gain  18 years of experience is what the Iron Orr experts base the program for each client to gain lean muscle mass.

  3. Body Recomp  By designing fine-tuned customized nutrition plans and weight training programs, Iron Orr will help you sculpt your body to meet your goals.

  4. Strength & Condition  As Experienced S&C Coaches to the San Diego Seals NLL Team & BatClub USA, Iron Orr professionals train athletes to optimize their physical capabilities, always focused on injury prevention measures in the quest for optimal performance.

  5. Nutrition Guidance  Mastering nutrition management is crucial for sustainable fitness. Iron Orr will teach you how to change your lifestyle and eating habits to maintain the body you sculpted with hard work and buckets of sweat.

Membership can be discussed during a complimentary consultation.

Hours: Mondays  Fridays 5 am  10 pm, Saturdays & Sundays 9 am  5 pm.

7. Best Boutique Gym in San Diego

The Body University Inc.

6062 Lake Murray Blvd. Suite 205, La Mesa, CA

Body University offers consistent, superior, and suitable health and fitness advice, tracking, guidance, care, and instruction to guarantee that you reach your physical and personal objectives. They think that with the many accessible support services, such as the tailored programs you will get, no one should fail to meet their own particular aim.

Body University is a top-notch gym that strives to offer the best health and fitness opportunities. The atmosphere is laid-back, and the equipment is modern and up-to-date. Everyone is welcome, regardless of their fitness level, and the staff and other members are warm and inviting. The primary focus is on each individual's needs and desired outcomes.

Small Group Training at Body U

At Body U, clients can join small group personal training sessions with a maximum of 6 people, making exercise enjoyable and fun. These sessions have become very popular, and it is not unusual to have a waiting list. Each session lasts 50 minutes, and professional trainers are on hand to provide guidance.

The private gym is open to people of all fitness levels and specializes in strength training that helps develop the body aesthetically.

Private Training

Personal trainers from Body University can offer you 50-minute, one-on-one training sessions tailored to your abilities and objectives in a private, closed setting.

Online Training

Body U provides tailored exercise regimens through the Trainerize app, which includes three alternating four-week workout plans with their rep and set ranges. Additionally, the program includes a demo video, calorie and macro guidance, and cardio tasks. With the app, users can monitor their progress and stay in contact with their trainer.

Body U Programs

1. Lifestyle Program

This program offers an 8-week, self-directed plan for individuals to understand how to eat for their individual goals. It includes detailed nutritional instruction, cardio exercises, a workout plan to use at home or in a gym, as well as open communication with program specialists to answer any questions that may arise.

2. Competitor Program

A tailored program is required for competitive physical fitness and the Body University Competitor Program provides an unconventional solution that runs over 12 weeks. You will receive detailed dietary advice, cardio exercises, a workout plan, weekly face-to-face follow-ups, and a free private posing session to develop your personalized routine.

Body Competitors – Image from Shutterstock
3. The A-Team Program

Sign up for an 8-week program to kick-start your fitness ambitions. This accountability group is an excellent way to become more knowledgeable about nutrition and exercise while providing mutual encouragement. The program includes nutrition advice, cardio activities, a workout manual for exercise at home or at the gym, and a weekly group workout and topic chat at Body University gym.

4. Competitor Style Regiment

This 12-week program offers the opportunity to elevate your physique without the stress of competing. Perfect for those aiming to reach an elevated level for a special occasion, such as their wedding or even a college reunion. You'll receive comprehensive nutritional advice, cardio instructions, an exercise manual, and weekly one-on-one meetings to ensure you stay on track.

Body U Membership Options

The options are very versatile, and classes can be purchased in single or multiple sessions, while programs are available in a single purchase for the 8- or 12-week program of your choice.

8. The Best Boxing & MMA Gym in San Diego

The BXNG Club

Solana Beach Location: 511 Hwy 101, Solana Beach, CA 92075

Enjoy an unparalleled fitness experience that combines an energetic atmosphere, qualified instructors, luxurious amenities, and intense workouts. BXNG Club Solana Beach is an ideal spot, being near the beach and close to a freeway.

Not only that, the facility has all any fitness enthusiast could need: two boxing rings, a cardio deck, a matted Jiu Jitsu area, a weight room, 40+ punching bags, a Revive studio, and locker rooms with showers and saunas.

BXNG Club Classes

BXNG Club provides classes for all skill levels in boxing, kickboxing, Muay Thai, and Jiu-Jitsu. The fitness and yoga classes are designed to help you reach your goals and recover. With a wide selection of classes led by experienced instructors, you can be sure that you're getting the best instruction and the best results.


BXNG has designed a comprehensive boxing program in San Diego, suitable for all levels of experience – from complete beginners to experienced fighters. This class provides a great combination of aerobic exercise and boxing fundamentals to help you become the best boxer you can be.


Experience an intense 45-minute workout with High-Intensity Interval Training. This class emphasizes maintaining an elevated heart rate and maximizing calorie burn. It combines circuit training with exercises using your own body weight and short breaks in between.


Experience a workout that takes strength to the next level. This class is specially crafted to build strength throughout the entire body. It includes a combination of compound exercises, circuits, and endurance training for a balanced routine.

Indoor Cycling

BXNG Club's bikes offer a limitless range of possibilities in just one space. Ride through hills, sprints, intervals, and cardio blasts in their indoor cycling classes, designed to strengthen your cardiovascular endurance and conditioning.

Power Boxing

BXNG in San Diego offers a comprehensive boxing class for students of all levels, from novices to experienced fighters. Trainers lead participants in a combination of cardio exercises and fundamental boxing techniques to maximize their fitness and skill.


Tap into your inner strength with a range of options from basic to advanced. Take your kickboxing to the next level with a tailored set of exercises that will test your limits. Push yourself further and explore the world of Muay Thai by advancing your kicking techniques.

Muay Thai

Incorporating Muay Thai, a centuries-old martial art from Thailand, into your exercise regime can provide a comprehensive workout by utilizing its punching, kicking, kneeing, and elbowing techniques.

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

BXNG Club San Diego is home to some of the best BJJ classes, taught by experienced coaches. Through these classes, students learn how to blend power and stamina to become more flexible, strong, and experienced in grappling and mental games. This martial art incorporates many aspects, such as combat arts, strength training, and self-defense.

Mat Pilates

Unlock the possibilities that come with an enthusiastic devotion to Mat Pilates. Blend together intense workouts and entertainment. The BXNG Pilates trainers in Solana Beach are dedicated to helping you reach your goals, train, and heal from any injuries. This reliable program offers a range of mat exercises intended to stretch the body, build your core muscles, and engage smaller muscle groups.


The BXNG Club's Yoga programming is created to help enhance training for any level of athlete, with the goal of boosting physical and mental performance. Improve flexibility, power, and strength with a combination of vinyasa flow, yoga sculpt, and yoga restore exercises.

Yoga Class - Image from Shutterstock

Revive Studio

Experience a revolutionary wellness destination offering ultra-luxurious recovery practices for a high-performance lifestyle. Transform your training, recovery, and overall health with a variety of wellness techniques and performance technologies, such as high-level stretching, mindful practices, and elite technologies like Normatec, Hyperice, and Cryotherapy.

Personal Training

BXNG trainers and coaches boast a wide variety of experiences, backgrounds, and expertise, demonstrating impressive ability and enthusiasm. Many of these trainers and coaches have remarkable professional fight backgrounds and are devoted to making a positive difference for members through combat sports.

Their carefully designed programs are there to help you accomplish your objectives, such as weight loss, strength training, MMA, boxing, and more. They provide training tailored to your ambitions and lifestyle.

BXNG Club Amenities and Features

The BXNG Club Solana Beach blends a stunning modern aesthetic with top-notch equipment and experienced coaches, creating an environment designed to help members reach their fitness goals.

  • 1-on-1 Personal Training

  • 100+ Combat sports & Fitness Classes per week

  • Matted Grappling Area

  • 40+ Heavy Bags

  • 2 Boxing Rings

  • Full Weight Room

  • Cardio Deck

  • Outdoor Functional Training Area

  • Dedicated Recovery, Yoga, and Cycling Studios

  • Recovery Studio Featuring Hyperice & Cryotherapy

  • Locker Room With Showers and Saunas

  • Towel Service

  • Member's Lounge

  • Complimentary Wi-Fi

  • Membership options include a month-to-month membership and an annual membership option.

  • BXNG App for “BXNG ON THE GO”

Hours: Mondays to Thursdays 5 am to 9 pm, Fridays 7 am  4 pm, Sundays 8:30 am  2:30 pm

9. The Best Barre & Pilates Studio in San Diego

Spirit Barre Studio

1559 Garnet Ave, San Diego, CA

Spirit Barre was created in the same spirit as Spirit Yoga, aiming to create a sense of belonging. It is a warm and inviting place where newcomers and experienced people alike can practice barre. Its mission is to expand the existing Spirit community by adding barre and Pilates classes so that people can benefit physically and mentally from different types of workouts.

If you are in search of an unparalleled community, somewhere where you can find acceptance, make friends, and feel supported and valued, then the Spirit community is the perfect place for you.


Spirit Barre

Engage in a comprehensive exercise routine at Spirit Barre derived from the core concepts of ballet barre. Targeting and tiring all muscles by performing deep muscle movements, the experience is enhanced by incorporating weights, resistance bands, gliding disks, and Pilates balls.

Spirit Barre Bootcamp

Get comprehensive exercise using ballet barre techniques, plus incorporate cardio and weight exercises for an extra challenge.

Barre Arms & Abs

Experience all the advantages of the classic barre routine in just 45 minutes with an emphasis on arms and core. Employ compound movements to target multiple body parts at once for maximum efficacy, and get a comprehensive workout with the use of various equipment, such as dumbbells and resistance bands.

Barre Booty

This 45-minute class will give you a comprehensive workout, focusing on the glute muscles with compound movements to engage multiple muscles at once.

Spirit Kick Boxing

Muay Thai kickboxing is a fighting style that originates from Thailand. It is referred to as “the art of 8 limbs” as it utilizes punches, kicks, knees, and elbows in various combinations with speed, strength, and balance. This class will give you a challenging workout while teaching you shadow boxing, stance, footwork, punches, kicks, knees, elbows, combinations of all 8 limbs, and self-defense applications.

Heated Barre

The Spirit Barre class is back with a fiery twist! The room will be heated to 85 degrees, so make sure to bring a towel and water to stay hydrated.

Spirit Barre Bounce

A fun and energetic barre workout with added cardio on a mini trampoline. Incorporate light dumbbells, a resistance band, or a Pilates ball for an extra challenge. Spirit Barre Bounce will let you burn calories quickly and have a blast.

Hot Pilates

Spirit Barre's exclusive Hot Pilates session will work on your core. It incorporates Pilates, barre, and yoga movements and is done in a hot room, between 85 and 90 degrees, for added intensity.

Spirit Yoga Classes

Spirit Flow, Spirit Flow 2, Power Flo, and Advanced Flow

At Spirit Yoga, you can explore the fundamentals of flow yoga and enjoy a well-rounded physical and mental yoga experience connecting body, movement, and breath. Each class introduces more advanced and more challenging postures, a faster pace, and transitions.


This class is intended to help reduce muscular tension, calm the nervous system, and promote mental peace.

Ashtanga Flow

This type of yoga is seen as more of an athletic activity. Every session begins with the primary series and then incorporates the imaginative flow of vinyasa. This creates a strong foundation of proper body alignment, allowing you to make progress in your physical and mental practice.

Movement & Meditation

Studies have indicated that incorporating meditation and physical activity into one's daily routine can enhance memory, focus, and self-awareness, and reduce tension and worry. This class is a great way to start devoting time to improving both your mental clarity and physical vigor.


Spirit Yoga and Barre Studios on Demand are available online.

Membership options include Monthly Membership for unlimited classes at Spirit Barre.

Dual Spirit Membership will allow unlimited classes at Spirit Barre & Spirit Yoga.

10. The Best Climbing Gym in San Diego

Vertical Hold

2074 Hancock Street, San Diego, CA

Vertical Hold provides an incredible climbing experience for everyone regardless of age or skill level. With three different locations, they offer Top Roping, Lead climbing, Bouldering, Auto Belays, Yoga classes, and Fitness facilities.

If you've never rock climbed before, don't worry! Vertical Hold has everything you need to begin your climbing journey. The staff is friendly and well-versed in certifications and climbing gear. You will get informed on various types of climbing and figure out which one is best for you. All visitors, including non-climbing spectators, must fill out a waiver prior to entering the facility.

Vertical Hold Classes and Clinics

Injury Prevention

This clinic will cover the biomechanics of climbing, the correct way to position your hands, and how to properly stretch and warm up your body before and after climbing to avoid injury.

Intro to Crack Climbing

Discover the most up-to-date advice on Crack Climbing! You'll be able to pick up useful methods, from tape gloves to hand jams.

Movement and Technique Clinics

This two-hour clinic is perfect for new climbers and will provide you with the foundational skills you need to take your climbing to the next level. You'll learn footwork and body positioning, how to properly warm up, and the vocabulary of climbing, like the names of holds and moves. The class size is limited to six members, and no prior knowledge or experience is required.

Lead 101

At this introductory clinic, you'll get an introduction to the basics of lead climbing. An experienced and welcoming instructor will show you how to effectively clip, ascend and lower from a top rope set-up. Participants must be 16 or older, must have the ability to climb at a 5.10c level, and must hold a certification in ATC and 8 Knot Belay. The clinic will last for two hours.

Lead Lab

If you've already taken Lead 101, you can come and use the Lead Lab for 2-hour sessions to practice lead climbing and lead belaying. Note that this is not a lead clinic; it's just a chance to apply what you learned in the course.

Vertical Hold Yoga Basics

Vertical Hold is the perfect spot for everyone from beginners to experienced practitioners of yoga. They offer a variety of classes, such as vinyasa flow, restorative, and climber-specific yoga, to help you reach your goals of increasing strength, balance, flexibility, and overall mental and physical health. Their instructors are all climbers and are very welcoming. With a Membership or Day Pass, you can join a class  yoga mats and blocks are provided at no additional cost.

Membership  Month-to-month membership allows access to all the Vertical Hold locations, and includes a long list of benefits.

Hours: Mondays  Fridays 9 am  10 pm, Saturdays and Sundays 9 am  9 pm

In a Nutshell

San Diego is home to some of the best gyms in the country, offering a wide range of amenities and services. Whether you are looking for a state-of-the-art facility with all the bells and whistles, or a basic gym with the essentials, these top 10 gyms have you covered. With a variety of price points and membership options to choose from, there's a gym for everyone. So don't wait any longer and head to one of San Diego's top 10 gyms today  your fitness journey awaits!