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July 27, 2022 9 min read

Houston is the largest city in Texas, followed closely by Dallas, and is the fourth most populated city in the United States. 

With over two million people living in Houston and growing, there‘s a huge market for fitness centers to accommodate the amount of people, their fitness goals and preferences.

Although there may be a lot of gyms in the Houston area, not all of them are created equal. With gyms around every corner, it can be difficult to decide which one is best for you.

Depending on what you love to do for exercise, there’s a gym for that. You might prefer a more boutique style studio or an old fashioned iron gym, and you can find anything in between on this list of the 10 best gyms in Houston, Texas.

Best Private Gym - River Oaks Gym

1937 W Gray St UNIT 200, Houston, TX 77019

Heading to the gym during peak hours can be frustrating and disrupt your routine with all the equipment taken and no room to move around. This can become even worse during the busier seasons like after January when the New Year resolutions start kicking in.

River Oaks Gym is a private gym with a limited member base meaning the membership is capped at 250 people. 

This helps prevent overcrowding and keeps the gym cleaner than other busier ones.

To help their exclusive members get more bang for their buck, they offer state of the art equipment, luxurious locker rooms, and private showers with included shower towels, shampoo and conditioner.

If you’re working out on your own, the gym is organized, so every piece of equipment is easy to find and leaves plenty of room for you to move around.

The Workout

Also known as The Neighborhood Gym, River Oaks has friendly and qualified staff to make your fitness journey enjoyable and successful. 

There‘s one-on-one personal training staff to help you reach your fitness goals, and they can customize training programs based on your fitness level and objectives.

What’s it Cost?

For an exclusive gym like River Oaks, you might expect to pay top dollar, but it’s actually pretty reasonable considering the amenities.

You won’t pay more than $115 per month, but you can sign up for multiple months to save some money.

Best Top Rated Gym - Houston Gym

1501 Durham Dr, Houston, TX 77007

When it comes to buying anything, people tend to look at reviews of other customers. This is especially relevant when a commitment, like a gym membership, is involved. 

Houston Gym is a top rated gym in Houston and was on the Best Gyms in Houston list by Expertise in 2016.

With a great reputation of being a high quality gym with a variety of equipment and free weights, Houston Gym also prides themselves on being welcoming to people of all fitness levels and backgrounds.

Houston Gym also partners with a nearby massage therapist to help with muscle soreness and recovery, and they have a tanning bed in the fitness center that you can use for just $10 per month.

The Classes

You can choose to workout on your own in the gym, work with a personal trainer, or hop into one of the group fitness classes.

Certified instructor-led classes like yoga, pilates, TaeBo, boot camp, cycling, Zumba, and barre are available throughout the week.

What’s it Cost?

There‘s no pricing information listed on the website, but you can schedule a tour to get pricing and information on promos.

Best Ninja Warrior Gym - Iron Sports

6982 FM 1960 F, Houston, TX 77069

If you’ve ever dreamed of being an American Ninja Warrior, you have to train like one. 

Iron Sports is a gym specifically designed with obstacle courses that can develop skills like agility, speed, strength, and coordination.

The unique set of Iron Gym is unlike conventional box jumps and could help add some variety to your workout routine. You‘re able to rent a mobile course, so you could train like a ninja in your backyard.

Pros that have been on American Ninja Warrior and made it to Vegas as finalists can or have been seen training at this gym, so you could be training with the best.

The Classes

There are open gym slots available for you to play around on the courses, but you can also sign up for a class if you’re looking for more structure. 

There are group classes for adults, children, and for people looking to compete.

You can add some strength training to your course work with one of the classes offered throughout the week to help enhance your training.

What’s it Cost?

You can buy a monthly membership for an open gym for up to $68 per month or a class based training membership for up to $116 per month. Any add-ons of classes or open gyms come with their own fees.

Best All-in-One Gym - O Athletik

767 N Shepherd Dr, Houston, TX 77007

Paying for multiple gym memberships, so you attend the classes you want, train on your own, and maybe swim a few laps can start to burn a hole in your pocket. Being part of a gym that includes everything you want under one roof can save you money and the hassle of running all around the city.

O Athletik is over 35,000 sq feet, so you have plenty of room to move around, even during busier hours. 

The gym offers a variety of classes, a weight room to workout on your own, a swimming pool, sauna, steam rooms, cafe, adult leagues, and youth programs.

The Classes

You might be familiar with the type of HIIT or yoga classes that O Athletik offers, but you can also try out some more unique classes like MMA, martial arts, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and Sand Fit.

There are over 30 types and 100 classes on the schedule, so you should have no issue getting into your favorite one.

Working with a personal trainer is also an option if you need a little extra guidance, and the technology available helps assess your fitness level, efficiency, body mass, and maximize performance.

What’s it Cost?

Although there‘s no pricing on their website, you can go in for a tour or give them a call to get more information.

Best 24 Hour Gym - Oak Fitness

4620 Center St, Houston, TX 77007

Having a demanding work schedule can make hitting the gym difficult, especially when your gym has limited hours. Instead of joining Planet Fitness just for the 24/7 access, you can still be a part of a high quality gym with group classes, massage therapy, and a variety of equipment.

Oak Fitness offers 24/7 access to all of its members, so you can get your workout in anytime of the day. 

Their goals are to create community and help you with your goals in a welcoming and clean environment.

The Workout

A 24 hour gym access is available to members, so you workout on your own whenever you want, but Oak Fitness also offers a variety of classes if you want more motivation and community. You can hop into a yoga, boxing, or HIIT class almost any day of the week.

Unlike many gyms, there‘s a massage therapist on site that offers various types of massages from Thai to deep tissue.

What’s it Cost?

No membership pricing is listed on the site, but you can call or stop in for more information.

Best Powerlifting Gym - Texas Barbell Syndicate

14503 Bammel North Houston Rd Suite 350, Houston, TX 77014

You can go to a regular gym to power lift, but they probably won’t have Olympic plates, enough squat racks, or deadlift platforms. 

Texas Barbell Syndicate is a barbell-based and powerlifting gym founded by lifters who understood the issues trying to power lift at a commercial gym.

Their goal is to help their members be stronger, healthier, and more confident through barbell training. They also sponsor and host powerlifting meets for USA Powerlifting members.

The Equipment

Going to the gym during busy hours can be nearly impossible to snag a squat rack, but Texas Barbell Syndicate has nine total squat and 10 bench stations. These include a Rogue 24' Rig, IPF Combo Racks, Power Cage, and Competition Bench Press.

They also offer deadlift platforms and full Powerlifting Competition platforms with IPF Approved Bar, Calibrated Weights, and Collars.

Despite the name, they have more than just barbells and also provide pro-style dumbbells, leg curl and leg extension machines, reverse hyper, chains, and Strongman equipment.

What’s it Cost?

There‘s no pricing information on the site, but they do offer discounts for families, military, firemen, police, teachers, and students.

Best Luxury Gym - Stone’s Gym

16223 Moonrock Dr, Houston, TX 77062

A gym membership doesn’t just have to be about the cardio equipment and weights, but it can also include other amenities that aid in recovery, relaxation, and all-around wellness. Although Stone’s Gym offers state-of-the-art equipment, it doesn’t stop there.

You can also find saunas, chilled eucalyptus towels, towel service, and complimentary coffee and tea.

There are specialty workout rooms that are private for small group classes, specialized flooring, and stress-free lighting.

The Classes

You can choose to use the high end equipment on your own, or you can attend one of the fitness classes they offer. There‘s yoga, pilates, barre, and cycle to choose from.

If you need a little extra motivation and guidance, Stone‘s Gym also can provide you with a personal trainer after a personalized evaluation process and create a fitness program fit for you.

What’s it Cost?

There are different types of membership options depending on what you’re looking for. No prices are listed, but you can call to get more information.

Best Bodybuilding Gym - Power House Gym Houston

8404 Park Terrace, Houston, TX 77017

With the mentality of go hard or go home, Power House Gym Houston is for the lifters that want to show up and work hard. Whether your goal is bodybuilding, weight loss, or overall strength, this gym provides the tools necessary to get you there.

Deemed as Houston’s only bodybuilding gym, Houstonians go there to workout and not mess around or posting on Instagram. 

They pride themselves on a friendly environment and enforce good behavior.

As an added bonus, bodybuilders, professional or amateur, and fitness models are welcome to do photoshoots in the gym or in the private posing room.

To aid in your bodybuilding journey, check out Pumped-AF  for increased endurance and maximum muscle fullness.

The Equipment

Bodybuilders, powerlifters, and strongman competitors can benefit from the equipment at Power House Gym Houston. 

They offer tons of dumbbells, barbells, atlas stones, farmer logs, squat racks, and more.

They‘ll provide the equipment, and all you have to bring is your muscles ready to work and hardcore mentality.

What’s it Cost?

It‘s only $25 for a monthly membership with no hidden fees. Discounts are offered for teens and police, fire, and armed service.

Best Rock Climbing Gym - inSpire Rock

403 E Louetta Rd, Spring, TX 77373

If you prefer to climb walls over lifting weights, inSpire Rock Climbing offers a family-friendly, positive, challenging, and fun climbing community.

Their gyms are designed for beginners and for advanced climbers of all ages, and they offer a specific training room for competitive climbers.

Although climbing is their focus, you can also use their yoga studio to stretch out and relax before or after a climb.

The Gym

With over 42,000+ square feet of climbing, and 63 foot walls, there‘s plenty of room to move around and to challenge yourself with higher, more challenging areas. You can climb for fitness, competition, or for fun and can book your next birthday party there.

If you’re a beginner climber, you can take a class to help build a solid foundation for you to start climbing on your own.

When you need to build some strength, you can also check out their more traditional gym area with free weights and machines.

What’s it Cost?

Although a membership isn‘t required, it may be cheaper if you plan on going a lot. A day pass is $20, but a month‘s membership is $79 with a one time $59 initiation fee. They also offer family memberships and pre-paid.

Best CrossFit Gym - CrossFit H-Town

1919 Silver st. Houston, TX 77007

CrossFit is becoming increasingly popular in the fitness community due to its powerhouse athletes and functional approach. 

As a five star gym on Yelp, Facebook, and Google, CrossFit H-Town holds itself to a high standard for fitness, coaching, and community.

Their coaches are experienced and knowledgeable, and their over 6,500 square feet facility is filled with plenty of top-of-the-line equipment.

The Classes

CrossFit might be in the name, but they offer over 45 class options each week. You can hop into a CrossFit class or branch out into a yoga, HIIT, Olympic lifting, or fit class. There are also options for open gym if you want to get a solo workout in.

H-Town knows the importance of a healthy lifestyle outside of the gym, so you can also find one-on-one or group nutritional guidance from a registered dietician.

What’s it Cost?

The prices vary based on how many times you want to come in a month. Month-to-month memberships range from $135 to $195 a month, but you can save some money by signing up for multiple months or a year in advance.

Get Fit in Houston

With as many gym options as Houston has to offer, there’s little excuse to not get your sweat on. Beginners, hard core lifters, and even ninjas can find a gym for them in the area.

Houston is a popular city that‘s only continuing to grow, and that means more people from diverse backgrounds are coming together. The gym is one of the best places to find and build a community of like-minded and motivated people.

Maybe you‘re new to the city or new to the fitness world, but either way, the gyms on the list can help you find a new place to relieve some stress and build a healthier mind and body.