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Take advantage of our exclusive Stack of The Month, available for a limited time only. Increase your metabolism, boost fat burning and maintain muscle while looking good with your Steel Gear.


A NO B.S. Formulation, Backed by Science:

One3 Enhanced​
Surreal Energy & Focus
Appetite Suppression
Fat Mobilizing Thermogenic

Take advantage of our exclusive Stack of The Month, available for a limited time only. Ramp up fat loss while building lean toned muscle everyone will notice. This stack is designed to not only change the way you look through ATP Fusion and V-BCAA but also how you feel through Focused-AF; the most powerful over the counter mental acuity enhancer on the market.
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Q: Suggested Use - How should I use these products together?

V-BCAAs can be used in the mornings, in between meals and/or pre and post workout. Focused-AF helps give mental clarity, so use when your brain is in a slump, many people like to take 2 capsules in the afternoon. ATP Fusion is our buffered creatine, and it’s taken 2 caps pre and post workout as well as 2 caps on off days (women take 1 cap pre and post, 1 on off days).

Q: Can this stack be combined with other products?

Yes, but be aware of the following: Take Focused 6-8 hours earlier or later than any of our other stimulant products (Charged-AF, Amped-AF, Shredded-AF). If you’re using 2-3 scoops of ADA2bolic and/or Pumped during training, skip the ATP Fusion on training days and take it only on off days (ADA and Pumped have creatine already in them).

Q: When is the best time to take V-BCAA’s?

Totally depends on your needs. Before, during or after training are all great times (unless you’re taking ADA2bolic, which already has BCAAs in it). Many of our customers also take them in between meals or when they first wake up in the morning.

Q: Are STEEL V-BCAA’s gluten free?

Yes, they are gluten free as well as vegan (no animal products).

Q: Can I combine V-BCAA’s with other Steel products?

Yes, except for ADA2bolic, which already has BCAAs in it. You can still use your V-BCAAs in the mornings and in between meals.}

Q: What’s the difference between regular BCAAs and V-BCAAs

V-BCAAs are completely free of any animal derived ingredients.

Q: Can I use Focused-AF as a preworkout?

Focused-AF is beneficial for mental clarity, but won’t help as much with energy and endurance. If mental clarity is all you need, go for it, but as a preworkout for energy and endurance while training, you’re better off with Charged-AF or Amped-AF.