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No bloat muscle building pH-buffered Creatine. Creatine monohydrate synthesized to pH 12 which is perfect for men and women seeking lean muscle gains. ADA- STEEL's capstone product. Pre-Intra-Post Workout formulation for any fitness enthusiasts seeking increased performance and recovery to blast through plateaus and transform their body. Charged-AF High-intensity pre-workout designed to amplify energy, alertness, strength, stamina and pumps..


A NO B.S. Formulation, Backed by Science:

Increase Energy
Faster Recovery Time
Promotes Strength Gains
Increase Muscle Tone and Hardness

For athletes seeking explosive power and to maximum size while dramatically improving strength. With minimal estrogen conversion and no liver toxicity, the most effective way to pile weight on the bar and muscle onto the body.
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Q: Suggested Use - How do I take CHARGED, ATP Fusion, ADA?

CHARGED - 30 minutes prior to exercises take ¼ scoop of CHARGED to assess tolerance, over time you can gradually increase to 1 scoop per day if you feel you need the additional boost.ATP - As a dietary supplement, take 1 capsule 30 minutes pre-workout and 1 capsule post-workout.ADA - Totally depends on your goals: For lean users seeking maximum gains: 1 scoop before, during and after training. For users seeking to lower body fat: 1 scoop after training. For users trying to build muscle and slightly tone: 1 scoop before and after workout.

Q: Can I combine CHARGED with Shredded, Amped or Focused?

No, due to the extreme potency of these products, none of our stimulant-based products can be combined.

Q: Can CHARGED be combined into my Adabolic and Pumped pre-workout drink?

Yes, CHARGED is formulated specifically to combined with these products for additional benefits.

Q: Can I still drink coffee when using CHARGED?

If you consume coffee, be sure to drink the coffee 6 to 8 hours before or after using CHARGED.

Q: Will CHARGED give me problems on drug test?

CHARGED has no banned substances that flag as positives or false-positives on a drug test.}

Q: What is the difference between CHARGED and AMPED?

They are nearly identical, CHARGED does not have One3 in it, CHARGED is not weaker than AMPED, they are different. CHARGED emphasizes increasing recovery and performance, AMPED does this while simultaneously boosting focus.

Q: How much caffeine is in CHARGED?


Q: Should I take ATP Fusion everyday?

Yes, on non-training days males should take 2 capsules, females should take 1 capsule.

Q: How is ATP Fusion better than other creatine?

Creatine monohydrate requires sugars and loading phases and for females it often causes bloating and stomach pain. ATP Fusion is a clinically-proven creatine formula that beats creatine monohydrate in every performance metric.

Q: I am 18 years old, will ATP Fusion disrupt my natural hormone levels?

No, ATP Fusion does not interfere with our natural hormone levels.

Q: Do I need to take ATP Fusion if I take ADA2bolic before and after training?

No, ATP Fusion is used before and after training if you do not take ADA2BOLIC. ATP Fusion is one of the 30 performance increasing ingredients in our ADA2bolic.

Q: Can ADA be combined with other STEEL products?

ADA can be combined with ANY STEEL product.

Q: Does ADA have any stimulants?

ADA has zero stimulants.

Q: Can this be used by women safely?

Absolutely! For women, 1 scoop post-workout is optimal.

Q: Do I mix ADA with my Pumped and Amped pre-workout?

Yup, they can all be combined into a all-in-one pre-workout drink.