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"To create products, services and inspiration to instill definiteness of purpose into the minds and body’s of all in order to advance humanity."

Jason Huh - Founder & CEO

In 2007, in pursuit of being his own boss and to establish a lifestyle centered around his ultimate bodybuilding goals, Jason opened Elite Nutrition and Smoothie with intention of bringing forth the best supplements, fitness knowledge, and customer care in the Sarasota area. Jason earned IFBB pro status in 2010 while running the smoothie shop 7 days a week, where he met his wife-to-be Jessica, who earned her pro status in 2011. They married in 2011 and have since been blessed with a beautiful family of three children.

Eat, sleep, train, repeat.

From humble beginnings and with laser like focus, Jason Huh rose to prominence in the world of bodybuilding to capture a number of titles beginning in 2004 including:

2004 NPC Teen Nationals Light-Heavy Weight, 1st & Overall

2006 NPC Southern States Heavy Weight, 1st & OVERALL

2008 NPC Nationals Heavy Weight, 3rd

2008 IFBB North American Championships Heavy Weight, 4th

2009 NPC USA Championships Super-Heavy Weight, 5th

2010 NPC USA Championships Super-Heavy Weight, 1st & Overall

After years of intense training, Jason decided to step away from competitive bodybuilding in 2012 to focus on family, health, and business. Never one to rest on past accomplishments and committed to challenging the status quo, after 4 years of growing Elite Nutrition and Smoothie, in 2016 Jason founded STEEL Supplements with a vision to bring forth only the BEST products in terms of quality and effectiveness in the industry.

More than 10 years have passed and Elite Nutrition and Smoothie is now the flagship STEEL Supplements retail store and STEEL Supplements has grown from a single product to an entire line that includes something for everyone looking to improve their overall health.

From losing weight to building muscle to improving heart and immune health to improving customers knowledge through cutting edge science and content, STEEL Supplements is devoted to helping you achieve a level of health you never knew existed.