STEEL 1 Gallon Funnel & Pill Case

Why carry a bag of tubs when you can store all of your daily favorites into one place!? This is a perfect solution for our "On-The-Go" users. Keep your pills/capsules fresh without damaging or deforming throught the day. The 74 gram container offers plenty of space for you to store your Pre/Post and recovery powders with an Screw-On cap on the bottom for convenience. *Designed to transfer powders into standard 1 Gallon Jugs. Does not fit regular Water Bottle.

Double Screw-On Split Container
Funnel Cap
Pill/Capsule Case
Spaceous Powder Unit

How To Use:
Put your daily dose of pills/capsules in the top part of container and be sure to tighten up the cap. Be sure to check the bottom cap before fillng up the container.

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Gallon Funnel & Pill Case FAQ

Each compartment can hold 50 tablets of our Andros or about 16 of our capsules (Shredded, Focused, ATP-Fusion etc.).

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No, we recommend hand washing them.