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October 08, 2021 10 min read

EDITS: The article is titled '7 Tricep Pushdown Alternatives You Can Do At Home' yet it attempts to explain the tricep pushdown using a cable machine and many of the alternatives require gym equipment such as a barbell or dummbell that most people do not have at home. The title is off or the content is off and the article is super confusing.

EDITS: Highlighted in red are some of the more confusing examples, but this article needs to be re-written for clarity.

EDIT: Workout is used numerous times here and on many articles where exercise is a more appropriate word.


The tricep push-down is a popular exercise among both men and women. This workout [EXERCISE] is fantastic since it is easy and can be done at home.In addition, strength, power, and fitness athletes may utilize the triceps push-down exercise to develop necessary strength and hypertrophy to the triceps. 

Along with the chest, shoulders, and arms, the triceps are important muscles for bench presses. [The triceps are part of the arms aren't they?] They help with overhead stability and performance.However, another tricep workout produces comparable effects and can be performed without the need for any equipment. Do you want to know what it is? Continue reading!

What Exactly Is A Tricep Pushdown?

The tricep push-down is also known as the tricep pulldown, tricep rope push-down, cable tricep push-down, and various variations. The triceps push-down, whatever you name it, is one of the greatestworkouts for  triceps growth.

Exercise for triceps in the gym

Although it is most frequently done with a cable system, at-home tricep exercises may be done using a resistance band. The triceps push-down is a must-do workout for all fitness levels.

Triceps Pushdowns: Who Should Do Them?

The triceps push-down is a powerful and efficient way to build up your arm strength. As an added bonus, it can also be used as injury rehabilitation for lifters who are prone to elbow or shoulder problems. Athletes of Strength and Power:A few strength and power athletes may benefit from incorporating triceps push-downs into their existing training regimen.

  • Powerlifters and Strongman Athletes:Upper body strength is important in sports where you need to push or pull. For example, if you are trying to raise weights over your head, then the more strong your upper body is, the more likely you are to be able to do it.
  • Olympic Powerlifters:Weightlifters have been found to do push downs in order to enhance upper body hypertrophy, improve overhead stability for the jerk and snatch as well reduce elbow injury.

So, only powerliifters, strongman athletes, and olympic powerlifters should do these exrecises?

Benefits of Tricep Pushdown Exercise

The triceps muscle has three heads. It is in the back of your arm. You need to work all three of them to make it stronger and the triceps pulldown helps you do that.

Increased Strength

There are many advantages to strengthening your triceps. The triceps are an important part of the arm that assists with moving your shoulder and elbow joint.By developing this area, not only will you be able to lift heavier weights but also develop strength in other muscle groups like biceps for example.

The triceps push-down is an excellent workout for all athletes, bodybuilders, and anybody looking to increase arm strength.This workout [exercise] may help you become stronger to achieve your objectives, whether you are tossing a ball, carrying oversized items at work, or just want to improve the visual appeal of your arms.

Separation [What does this mean?]

As previously mentioned, the triceps push-down is a solitary workout [exercise]. You may mainly target your triceps if you have any strength or muscle size abnormalities. 

For example, if it's clear that the chest is stronger than arms in terms of building up muscles then paying attention only there can be beneficial for a wide range of exercises like barbell bench presses since they engage both sides synergistically.

The Ease of Use

Some tricep workouts [exercises] need the use of costly, heavy equipment that can only be found in a gym. For example, while the conventional triceps push-down requires a cable system, this workout [exercise] just requires a resistance band. [So the 7 alternatives you can do it home are going to be all resistance band exercises?]

Isolation, a basic skill for many other workouts [exercises], is also required for the effective execution of this technique.For example, you may connect thelightweight resistance band to a sturdy hook or bar and strengthen your triceps no matter where you are.

The Muscles Worked During A Tricep Pushdown

Primary Muscle Groups: The triceps push-down is an isolated [isolation] exercise, not a compound movement. As a result, it's an excellent workout for targeting your triceps.The leading muscle group targeted by the triceps push-down is, as you would expect, your triceps. [This is literally the same thing repeated in consecutive sentences]

These auxiliary muscles contract to stabilize and assist the push-down movement. Using your back, shoulders, or chest to lower the weight, on the other hand, risks injury and undermines the primary advantages of the triceps push-down.

Here’s The Step By Step Process of Tricep Pushdown

  • Put your arm over the cable machine. 
  • Grab onto the bar or rope connection. 
  • Hold onto it with your hand and pull it down to make it go up.
  • Adjust the grips on the bar or rope at around chest height.

This entire explanation doesnt make any sense. 'Put your arm over the cable machine' [What?] hold on to it with your hand and pull it down to make it go up? [Make what go up?]

To begin, use the pin-and-place adjustment and a little weight. Other weighing methods may be included in different versions of the machine.

When you're ready to get started, do the following:

  • Begin by bracing your abdominal muscles.
  • Next, tuck your elbows in at the sides and place your feet slightly apart.
  • Contract your abs and obliques as you take a deep breath in. 
  • As the air hits your nostrils, close off any air that may have previously been there by pushing down on top of yourself with both hands while bending at the elbows so they are completely stretched out but not locked straight.

For newbies, aim for four sets of eight repetitions. Contract those muscles again when returning back to starting position for 1 minute before releasing each time through this whole routine.

Common Errors

  • Your Elbows Are Flaring:On the downward push, avoid allowing your elbows to flare outward. This eliminates the triceps training and puts undue strain on your shoulders.
  • You Are Not Equally Using Both Sides:Check to see whether you're pushing down smoothly and evenly with both arms.
  • You're Putting Too Much Strain On Your Back:You don't want to hunch your back and shoulders to push the weight down.That being said, it may be beneficial to lean forward somewhat and let your knees bend slightly while you press down to ensure your triceps are appropriately engaged. This posture guarantees that all of the muscle components are evenly engaged.

7 Tricep Pushdown Substitutes [What happened to alternatives?]

1. Kickbacks with Dumbbells

Dumbbell kickbacks are one of the most apparent alternatives for tricep push-downs. Kickbacks offer the advantage of utilizing dumbbells rather than specialized equipment to target a specific muscle area.

While your torso is in a different posture while doing dumbbell kickbacks, kneeling on a bench, and bending forward, it is the exercise that most nearly resembles a triceps push-down.While your body is in a different posture, the arm muscle extensions are the same fundamental method.

Dumbbell kickbacks may be included in almost every triceps exercise because of their minimal equipment requirements.While a bench is beneficial, all you need is a single weight and something to rest on. This makes it especially helpful for those who like working out at home.

2. Dips in the triceps [WHAT? TRICEP DIPS OR SIMPLY 'DIPS' This simple misphrasing is why its important to have an english speaking/writing editor proofreading non-native english speaking writers]

Dips are an excellent bodyweight triceps workout [EXERCISE]. All you need is a dip stand to get started killing those triceps. In addition, this exercise is an excellent method to compare your triceps strength to your total body weight.Dips are also adaptable due to their ability to increase resistance.

While a single dip may exercise challenging for beginners, experienced lifters will be able to do hundreds of reps.Once you've gained enough strength, you may employ a dip belt or other advanced methods to make dips more difficult.

3. Triceps Extensions While Lying

Lying triceps extensions, also known as skull crushers, are excellent ways to isolate your triceps muscles. This exercise, like dumbbell kickbacks, works the muscle in the same way as tricep push-downs do, but by placing your body in a different posture.

Bars are also used instead of a cable machine for lying tricep extensions. For triceps extensions, you may experiment with different barbells or dumbbells.EZ curl bars are popular because they enable you to change the resistance to overload your arm muscles quickly. [Wait, now I need an EZ curl bar at home?]

4. Push-Ups With a Tight Grip [TIGHT GRIP OR CLOSE GRIP?]

Regardless of your gym or equipment configuration, close grip push-ups are probably the easiest method to train your triceps.Moving your handhold closer together than usual will stress your triceps more than your chest muscles.

Changing your grip on push-ups may make the activity more difficult and seem like you've added extra resistance. In general, the more challenging the exercise is, the closer your grasp is. [WHAT?]

As your triceps muscles strengthen, you may be able to bring your hands together for a "diamond"-style push-up.You don't have to start that close if you're new to close grip push-ups. To begin, use a shoulder-width base. Move-in as slowly as you can safely to build up the muscles.

5. Bench Press with a Close Grip [Now I need a bench and a barbell at home do this alternative?]

Another effective triceps workout is the bench press with a tight grip [is it close grip or tight grip? Becasue the subheadline says close grip]. The bench press has the advantage of being extremely simple to raise or reduce resistance for all strength levels.

young bodybuilder training in the gym: triceps - close grip barbell bench press

While the tight grip bench press [is it close grip or tight grip?] does not isolate the triceps and needs other muscles, such as the chest, it is still an excellent alternative to tricep push-downs.The tris remain the major muscle group addressed. You may adjust the grip, like with close-grip push-ups, to make this an increasingly challenging workout.

For athletes, the tight grip [is it close grip or tight grip?]  bench press may be the finest of these tricep push-down options. Compound exercises are an excellent method to target several muscle groups while increasing growth and strength. A close grip [is it close grip or tight grip?]  bench press may be the main exercise on upper body days since you can add weight after developing strength.

6. Overhead Tricep Extensions with a Standing Dumbbell

These, like lying triceps extensions, may be done with dumbbells or other kinds of barbells for variation.They have the advantage of exercising the triceps muscle in the same way as tricep pressdowns do.Because it is a standing and overhead exercise, it may be a little more challenging to target the triceps mainly.

The tris are the primary muscles utilized, but you will also be testing your core stability and general upper body isometric strength. This may make it a fantastic aid exercise, which can be very beneficial for certain athletes.Triceps extensions may be used in adjusting the resistance by using dumbbells, kettlebells, or barbells. You may also change your position - sitting, standing, or laying.

7. Floor Press with a Barbell [What if they don't have a barbell or dumbbells in their living room?]

The barbell floor press is another excellent option for the tricep push-down. It has a more restricted range of motion than the other exercises mentioned above, but it still stresses your upper body muscle groups. If you are inexperienced and not concerned with safety, the barbell floor press may be a hazardous workout. As always, have a spotter and safety measures in place to eliminate the possibility of the barbell falling on top of you.

Triceps push-downs are a traditional bodybuilding exercise, but you may not always have access to a cable machine or just need some variation in your workout routine.Fortunately, depending on the equipment you have and the layout of your gym, you may target the triceps in various ways.Using any of the tricep push-down alternatives listed above may help you break through plateaus and reach new levels of upper body strength.

Are You Up For A Challenge?

If you have access to a rope attachment, you should consider utilizing it since it adds additional strain to the triceps if you stop at the bottom of the exercise.Using the rope attachment to provide variation to your triceps push-down workout.

Safety and Precautions

If you have an elbow injury or if you have chronic elbow pain, avoid doing this exercise.As usual, consult your doctor before beginning or altering your exercise program if you have specific medical problems or are recuperating from surgery, sickness, or accident.

Variations on the Triceps Pushdown

There are three triceps push-down variants provided here to help you increase your strength, size, and total muscular development.

  • Push-down of the Rope:The rope push-down can alter the angle and wrist position in the push-down, which is typically done with a straight bar. This may help you to customize the movement to your needs.
  • Triceps Pushdown with Reverse Grip:When you do push-downs, put your hands in the reverse grip. The inner part of the triceps gets more work than the outer part.
  • Triceps Pushdown Partial Reps:Performing partial repetitions of the triceps push-down may increase training volume, strength at particular angles, and more excellent isolation of the triceps' weaker/more minor features.

Wrapping Up

If you are looking for some good exercises to do at home, then the seven tricep pushdowns we have listed will be perfect. Always ensure your safety also upon doing these exercises!

It would also be better to take fitness supplements, like Steel Supplements’ Ultimate Mass Stack that will aid you with your fitness journey.Always remember that taking an enhanced pre-workout supplement can fuel the body with everything it needs, before, during, and after training. It's never too late to get into shape! Take this opportunity and make the most of yourself. [EVERYTHING HIGHLITED IN RED HERE NEEDS TO BE RE_WRTIITEN. THE ANCHOR TEXT SAYS ULTIMATE MASS STACK AND THE SENTENCE RIGHT AFTER TALKS ABOUT AN ENHANCED PRE-WORKOUT SUPPLEMENT? Please ensure the writers are knowledgable on the products]